Updated: 27 September 2022

Although the WWE has mostly been known for its Men’s department ever since its foundation, the Women’s department of WWE has made some significant improvements in the recent past. It all started with the WWE Women’s revolution which transformed their Women Wrestlers from Divas to Superstars.

A number of new titles were introduced particularly for the Women’s division along with the debuts of many Great Women wrestlers including Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks.

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In this article, we will be talking about the Top 10 Female Superstars with the most titles in WWE History.

1.Charlotte Flair (15 Titles)

Charlotte Flair is the daughter of former WWE legend Ric Flair. He has maintained the Legacy of his father and has the highest number of WWE Women’s titles. She has won 2 NXT Women’s Championships, 1 WWE Divas Championship, 6 Raw Women’s Championships, and 6 Smackdown Women’s Championships.

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She was the last Divas champion and the first-ever Raw Women’s Champion. Charlotte is currently the Smackdown Women’s Champion and this is her 6th reign.

2. Sasha Banks (7 Titles)

Sasha Banks is famously known as ‘the Boss’ in WWE. She is one of the best female wrestlers in the company right now and has many accolades to her name. She is a 1-time NXT Women’s Champion, 5 Times Raw Women’s Champion, and 1-time Smackdown Women’s Champion. In total, she has won 7 WWE titles.

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3. Trish Stratus (7 Titles)

Stratus, like Sasha Banks, also has 7 WWE titles but we kept her behind Banks as she has not won different kinds of championships.

Trish Stratus has won the WWE Women’s Championship 7 times. When she won it for the first time, the Title was called WWF Women’s Championship.

4. Becky Lynch (6 Titles)

Becky Lynch is famously known as ‘The Man’ in WWE. She is currently the RAW Women’s Champion and is considered to be one of the strongest female wrestlers on the roster. She has won the Smackdown Women’s Championship 4 times and the Raw Women’s Championship 2 times which took her total tally to 6.

5. Mickie James (6 Titles)

Although Mickie James is nowhere near the other wrestlers on this list in terms of strength, she had been in the company for a long time and thus has many titles to his name.

She has won the WWE Women’s Championship 5 times and the WWE Divas Championship 1 time. Apart from that, she has also won the TNA/Impact Knockout Championships 4 times but we can not consider that as it is a different company.

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6. Alexa Bliss (5 Titles)

Alexa Bliss is a three-times Raw Women’s Champion and two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion. She was the first woman WWE wrestler to have won both titles. Her real name is Alexis Kaufman and wrestles on Monday night RAW.

7. Asuka (4 Titles)

Asuka is a Japanese wrestler and for a long period of time, she was considered to be the most powerful WWE Women’s Wrestler. She even has the longest undefeated streak in WWE history which was finally broken by Charlotte Flair.

Asuka is a 1-time NXT Women’s Champion, 2 times Raw Women’s Champion, and 1-time Smackdown Women’s Champion.

8. Bayley (4 Titles)

Bayley has 1 NXT Women’s Championship, 1 Raw Women’s Championship and 2 Smackdown Women’s Championships to her name.

Her real name is Pamela Rose Martinez and she had taken up the ring name of Davina Rose before changing it to Bayley. She is currently a heel character in WWE.

9. Beth Phoenix (4 Titles)

Beth Phoenix is one of the legends of WWE. She was active during the years 2001 to 2012 and her real name is Elizabeth Copeland. Beth has won 3 WWE Women’s Championships and 1 WWE Divas Championship.

10. Lita (4 Titles)

Lita is yet another legendary WWE Female Wrestler. Although she has only 4 WWE Women’s Championships to her name, she is widely regarded as the best WWE Female Wrestler of all time. She was also very entertaining to watch.