Ricochet was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance
Image Source - Twitter

WWE RAW: Bron Breakker vs Slams Ricochet Controversy. Ricochet, who is speculating to leave WWE for good, sustained injuries after Bron Breakker hurled him into the windshield of a truck during a backstage brawl after Monday night RAW. A badly shaken Ricochet was helped into the ambulance by his fiancé Samantha Irvin.

The incident happened after the 35-year-old successfully saved Ilja Dragunov from Breakker taking him on one-on-one, after a great Monday night RAW match. The 26-year-old intended to wipe out Dragunov ‘The Mad Dragon’, through the barricade.

Breakker was overpowered by Ricochet and Draguvou. Ricochet managed to offset Breakker from attacking Draguvou, but ended up being hurled. The former American football player slammed Ricochet into the windshield of a truck in the parking lot.

Was it Scripted to Write Ricochet Off WWE?

There are rumors that this was a scripted attack as Ricochet was planning to leave WWE for good this summer. Sources say the former WWE US and Intercontinental Champion was not scheduled for any more dates after this week’s episode of WWE RAW. Ricochet himself set the speculations to rest when he confirmed last week that he wants to leave WWE when his contract expires. However, the wrestler’s status with WWE is still uncertain

Ricochet was set to be written off TV during the broadcast. Breakker slamming Ricochet on the windshield may be an injury angle to get the latter off. But this hasn’t been confirmed and being brushed off as mere rumors.

Breakker beat Ricochet last week, and Draguvou saved the latter from Breakker’s post-match attack.

Who is Ricochet?

Trevor Dean Mann, who is known under the ring name Ricochet in WWE, is a professional wrestler. He is regarded as one of the world’s most innovative high-flyers, who uses his whiplash to induce speed and aerial mastery to take on opponents of any size. Fans are elated about his athleticism and energy.

Ricochet established himself in WWE under the NXT in 2018 and won the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He won the Intercontinental Championship in 2022, and made history in 2024 by becoming the first-ever WWE Speed Champion.