Richest WWE Wrestlers
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Top 5 Richest WWE Wrestlers At The End Of 2023. WWE is one of the most watched and loved entertainment wrestling companies not only in the USA but in the entire world ever since its inception back in 1980. The company has grown a lot in the last four decades and the earnings of its wrestlers have also increased with it. Today, the top WWE wrestlers earn an unimaginable amount of money. 

However, their salaries are not the only mode of income for these wrestlers. They earn a lot from their social media presence, promotions, and other sorts of endorsements too. Some WWE wrestlers also make a gradual shift to Hollywood and become actors. This has allowed wrestlers like John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to millions of dollars in the last few years. 

In this article, we shall thus be enlisting the top 5 richest WWE wrestlers at the end of 2023. 

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5. Miz and Maryse

Miz and Maryse are the power couples of WWE. They met back in 2006 when Miz hosted a Diva search competition. Maryse won that season. Initially, she had thought that Miz was a bit rude to her but they hit it off two years after that season and started dating. They tied the knot in 2014 and have two children together. 

Miz and Maryse have featured in several WWE movies and they even have a show together called “Miz and Mrs”. Apart from that, Maryse is also a realtor and has other earning sources apart from WWE. 

They are said to have a net worth of $14 Million together. 

4. Edge 

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Adam Copeland a.k.a the Edge, is one of the biggest WWE legends of all time. He has been an immensely successful wrestler throughout his career. Although having retired a long time back, he has made a habit of making surprise appearances in the WWE in the past few years. However, he is a WWE Hall of Famer now. 

Edge is said to have a net worth of $14 Million. 

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3. Brock Lesnar 

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Brock Lesnar is widely regarded as one of the most explosive and powerful WWE wrestlers of all time. He made his WWE debut back in 2000 and ever since, he has been famously known as “the beast” for his performances. 

Apart from that, he has also been a successful UFC fighter. He fought in the UFC for several years and also had one Heavyweight title to his name. He made his WWE return in 2012. Right now, he is one of the biggest WWE stars. However, he has taken a break from wrestling for some time now. 

He has a net worth of $29 Million at the end of 2023. 

2. John Cena 

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John Cena is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers of all time. He has won 16 WWE World Championships which is the highest in the company’s history (tied with Rick Flair). He made his WWE debut in 2001. Like The Rock, he has also slowly transitioned into Hollywood. However, his acting career is rather young, and right now he is only a part-time actor. Soon, he is also expected to be as popular an actor as the Rock. 

John Cena recently made a name for himself with the DC series ‘The Peacemaker’. He is said to have earned $500K for the first season itself. He was also the main antagonist in Fast and Furious 9. 

The legendary WWE player currently has a net worth of $80 Million. 

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1. Dwayne Johnson 

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started his career as a wrestler back when November 17, 1996, when he made his WWE debut. He comes from a family who have a long history in Entertainment wrestling and thus it was an obvious option for him. He made his Hollywood debut in the 2001 movie “The Mummy Returns”. Since then, he has gradually transitioned into a full-time Hollywood actor. As it now stands, he has made it huge in Hollywood and is currently the highest-earning Hollywood actor. 

Dwayne Johnson is on the verge of becoming a billionaire. As of 2023, he has a net worth of $800 Million and will touch a billion dollars soon. Most of his earnings have come from his acting career and brand endorsements. He also owns Teremana, a liquor brand which is valued at $3.5 billion.