Over the years, we have witnessed a number of WWE superstars switching to Hollywood after getting famous in the sports entertainment segment. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Michael Gregory Mizanin (The Miz), and John Cena are some WWE superstars to have had successful Hollywood careers. 

WWE to Hollywood and vice versa is a very commonly seen career change and we have seen it is still very relevant in 2022. In fact, many big movies that are set to release in 2022, will feature WWE Superstars.

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In this article, we shall thus be talking about the Top 5 upcoming Hollywood movies in 2022 that will feature WWE superstars. 

Top 5 Upcoming Hollywood Movies In 2022 That Will Feature WWE Stars. 

5. The Walk On’s

‘Stone Cold Steve Austin’ is one of the most hardcore and raw superstars in WWE history. He gained unimaginable fame due to his unique and savage nature during his days in the company and he used that fame to star in several big-budget movies in the past. 

We have seen Steve Austin in films like The Condemned, The Expendables, and the Knockout before and we will be seeing him again in the 2022 movie ‘The Walk Ons. 

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The movie is based on a group of friends living in a small town. When the factory that they work in closes, they join a local division 3 college football team and help their sons have a National Championship season. 

The movie will also star other former WWE athletes like Chris Jericho, Titus O’Neil, Brodus Clay, and Ron Simmons. Former AEW champion Kenny Omega will also star in the movie. Many of these stars will make their Hollywood debut with this movie. The Movie is in the pre-production phase now. 

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4. WifeLike – C.J.Perry

Former WWE superstar C.J Perry, who was commonly known by her stage name ‘Lana’ will be featuring in the 2022 James Bird-directed movie ‘WifeLike’. She will be playing the role of Holly in that movie. 

C.J Perry was an actor even before joining WWE and she continued her career even as a WWE star. She has previously featured in movies like Soul, Interrogation, and Pitch Perfect 2. Her recent Netflix movie Cosmic Sin was a great success. 

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3. The Independent

16-times WWE champion John Cena has received a great boost in his Hollywood career in the recent past. After appearing in the Fast and Furious 9 movie, he was cast as Peacemaker in the DCEU and now plays the character in his namesake television series. 

John Cena’s upcoming project ‘The Independent’ is set to release in 2022. It is a thriller movie directed by Amy Rice and written by Evan Parter. John Cena will play the role of Nate Sterling in that movie and will work with Joan Cox and Jodie Turner-Smith. 

The Independent is based on a young journalist who discovers a conspiracy regarding a U.S presidential candidate that could change the fate of the nation. 

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2. Thor Love and Thunder

Former WWE Champion Dave Bautista has had an immensely successful Hollywood career so far. 

Ever since he was cast as the Guardians of the Galaxy character Drax in the MCU, his career has sky-rocketed and he is one of the most loved characters in the Super-hero group. He has formerly appeared in successful Marvel movies like Guardians Of the Galaxy 1&2, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. 

He will now appear in the upcoming Marvel movie – Thor: Love and Thunder. It is set to release in the latter half of 2022. 

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1. Black Adam

Black Adam is perhaps the most anticipated Superhero movie of the year. Dwayne Johson will be featured as the namesake anti-hero in the spinoff movie of DCEU’s Shazam. 

Black Adam is one of the most powerful entities in the DC Universe and fans can’t wait to see what it has in store. The power dynamics of the DC Universe are set to change with the introduction of Black Adam and it might be DC’s attempt at finally competing with the MCU. It will be released in the latter half of 2022.