Roman Reigns

WWE Hated Superstars: There is no doubt that From Brock Lesnar to Roman Reigns there are sudden WWE superstars. These WWE Superstars get a lot of criticism and hatred from WWE Universe over a period of time. There have continually championed we’ve got hinted to hate. Few for winning the title with unfair suggests that and few for his or her vanity or egoism.

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WWE Most Hated Superstars Of All Time

The Miz

Back in 2011, when Miz became the WWE World Champion and preserved it with interference and gimmicks on most main events. WWE Universe refused to accept him as a WWE champion. He was seen as one of the selfish persons with irritating mic talent shouting out his dramatic slogan, “I’m The Miz and I’m awesome“. He presently performs in WWE RAW and is one of the WWE Championship wrestlers of all time.


John Bradshaw Layfield was one of the best heels in the World Wrestling diversion. Doubtless, the foremost detested champion WWE has ever had. The best world champion within the history of SmackDown. WWE dominated for nearly a year with the title since he won the championship polemically.

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When he initially dethroned Eddie Guerrero to win the WWE Championship belt it resulted in audiences fully abandoning SmackDown in 2004. Fans hated his perspective and entry during an auto. However, what created him the foremost detested WWE Champion was his unfair suggests that to win and retain it. A heel among the fans WWE ne’er accepted him as a champion and was greatly booed back throughout his days.

Jinder Mahal

WWE accidentally rehabilitated some status to the Championship Title in 2017 by subsidization it to somebody so unworthy that fans virtually nemine contradicted separated the title from the person till it absolutely was back around the waist of a worthy rival. Jinder Mahal, however, won the title with honest suggestions that however used all the unfair techniques to retain the title which was enough for the fans to hate him.

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Roman Reigns

The current WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns, Since breaking out as a singles champion there are many instances when Roman Reigns has been booed by the fans. Fans still spout venom at Reigns whenever they get an opportunity. within the past, once he has been topped because of the WWE Champion.

Fans have remorselessly tagged him as the biggest heel in WWE history. The hate he receives isn’t for love or money he has done, except for the things. He has been placed in. That’s why there’s a disconnect between him. And therefore the fans and is that the most detested World Champion of all time.

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Brock Lesnar- The Beast

The Current WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar made his WWE debut in 2002, Brock Lesnar has been the foremost adorned champion in pro-wrestling. Lesnar has destroyed superstars like John Cena, The Undertaker, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Roman Reigns & More. Fans like to see Lesnar break the streak and clinch the championship. However, what they hate him is for his part-time stints since he’s come in 2012 once a successful UFC career.

He ne’er appears to worry concerning the title he holds on his shoulder and fans notice it as a signal of disrespect to WWE. He hardly shows up to convey his fans a sneak peek of diversion however still remains the most valued champion in WWE history.