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RCB Tops The List Of Most Popular Teams In Asia on Instagram: Football has a worldwide fan base that does not require justification. When it comes to a few places of Asia, though, football is overshadowed by cricket. Which is more or less a religion in most portions of the world’s largest continent. There’s no disputing that football fans worship superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi with all their hearts. However, the game’s popularity remains second only to cricket, according to a new report by Deportes & Finanzas

Royal Challengers Bangalore, a well-known Indian Premier League franchise, is named the most popular sports team in a recent study, garnering 64.2 million interactions on Instagram. With 60.9 million engagements, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr takes second place. The poll was done by Deportes and Finanzas. The company which assigns points to teams based on their total interactions in the month of July 2023. Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are two more IPL teams that feature in the top five. 

Royal Challenger Bangalore has a sizable fan base, attributed mostly to Virat Kohli. Kohli is the only player in Indian Premier League (IPL) history to have played 17 seasons for the same franchise (RCB). Considering his image and fan base, RCB plays a significant part in his character development.

RCB has one of the largest fan bases in the country but they are waiting for their maiden IPL championship. However, RCB fans are devoted and will support the team no matter what. This year, RCB again underperformed and was eliminated in the League round.

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Virat Kohli, is also one of Instagram’s most powerful influencers. Recently, rumours circulated that Kohli charged more than Rs. 8 crores for an Instagram post, which Virat Kohli categorically rejected. King stated in his Instagram story that through God’s grace, he has everything, but the report regarding his per-post fee is false.

Top 5 Most Interactive Teams

5) Persija Jakarta (22.0 Million)

Persija Jakarta is an Indonesian professional football team based in the country’s capital, Jakarta. With two Indonesian League titles and nine Perserikatan championships most by any since 1930. It was formed fifteen years before Indonesia won independence, it has never performed bad in a national championship ever.

4) Mumbai Indians (38.2 Million)

Mumbai Indians are one of the most successful teams in the Indian Premier League, having won the title five times (Two in a row). It has been a part of the IPL since its debut in 2008. Which is currently captained by current Indian Captain Rohit Sharma. Mumbai’s popularity stemmed mostly from the fact that it was headed for first four seasons by the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar after that Sharma took over and won the title five times in just nine years.

3) Chennai Super Kings (55.6 Million)

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is another well-known IPL team, having shared the most no titles with Mumbai Indians five times, the most recent being this year. The popularity of CSK is entirely dependent on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has led the franchise from its foundation.

MS Dhoni is a former Indian captain and the most successful cricket captain in history, having won all of the ICC trophies in just eight years. MSD, on the other hand, has retired from Indian cricket but continues to entertain his fans during the IPL.

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2) Al Nassr FC (60.9 Million)

Al Nassr, founded in 1955, gained a large fan base after signing Football GOAT Christiano Ronaldo to a lucrative 200 euro per year contract in 2022. Ronaldo has gained so much popularity for this FC in just 8 months he also won Arab Club Championship Cup for AL Nassar this year. This FC is one of Saudi Arabia’s most successful clubs, having won 26 titles. In 1998, they won the Asian Cup Winners’ Cup and the Asian Super Cup, and they will win the Arab Club Champions Cup in 2023.

Royal Challenger Bangalore (64.2 Million)

The most interactions are recorded by Royal Challenger Bangalore. The Royal Challengers Bangalore team, which is now captained by Faf Du pleses, has a big fan base, mainly mostly to Virat Kohli. King Kohli presently has the largest fan following and is the most popular cricketer in the world, with 256 million Instagram followers. Kohli led the squad from 2013 until 2021, when he resigned from the captaincy of the Indian side.