After much anticipation, BCCI has finally released the schedule for IPL 2022. As we know, with the addition of two new teams in the tournament, there has been a lot of changes in the format.

There will be a total of 70 matches in IPL 2022 (league stage matches) which will be spread across 58 match days. The league stage of IPL 2022 starts on 26th March and it will go all the way up to 22nd May. The tournament will thus go on for roughly 2 months.

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The opening match will be played on 26th March between CSK and KKR at the Wankhede Stadium. All the matches will be played in Mumbai and Pune only in the following stadiums / Wankhede Stadium, DY Patil Stadium, MCA Stadium Pune, and Brabourne Stadium. 

In this article, we shall give you the full schedule of IPL 2022 and we will also explain the format of this season. 

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IPL 2022 Full Schedule

MatchdayMatch NumberDayDateTime (In IST)Home TeamAway TeamStadium/Venue
11Saturday26/March/227:30 PMCSKKKRWankhede Stadium
22Sunday27/March/223:30 PMDCMIBrabourne CCI
23Sunday27/March/227:30 PMPBKSRCBDY Patil Stadium
34Monday28/March/227:30 PMGTLSGWankhede Stadium
45Tuesday29/March/227:30 PMSRHRRMCA Stadium, Pune
56Wednesday30/March/227:30 PMRCBKKRDY Patil Stadium
67Thursday31/March/227:30 PMLSGCSKBrabourne CCI
78Friday01/April/227:30 PMKKRPBKSWankhede Stadium
89Saturday02/April/223:30 PMMIRRDY Patil Stadium
810Saturday02/April/227:30 PMGTDCMCA Stadium, Pune
911Sunday03/April/227:30 PMCSKPBKSBrabourne CCI
1012Monday04/April/227:30 PMSRHLSGDY Patil Stadium
1113Tuesday05/April/227:30 PMRRRCBWankhede Stadium
1214Wednesday06/April/227:30 PMKKRMIMCA Stadium, Pune
1315Thursday07/April/227:30 PMLSGDCDY Patil Stadium
1416Friday08/April/227:30 PMPBKSGTBrabourne CCI
1517Saturday09/April/223:30 PMCSKSRHDY Patil Stadium
1518Saturday09/April/227:30 PMRCBMIMCA Stadium, Pune
1619Sunday10/April/223:30 PMKKRDCBrabourne CCI
1620Sunday10/April/227:30 PMRRLSGWankhede Stadium
1721Monday11/April/227:30 PMSRHGTDY Patil Stadium
1822Tuesday12/April/227:30 PMCSKRCBDY Patil Stadium
1923Wednesday13/April/227:30 PMMIPBKSMCA Stadium, Pune
2024Thursday14/April/227:30 PMRRGTDY Patil Stadium
2125Friday15/April/227:30 PMSRHKKRBrabourne CCI
2226Saturday16/April/223:30 PMMILSGBrabourne CCI
2227Saturday16/April/227:30 PMDCRCBWankhede Stadium
2328Sunday17/April/223:30 PMPBKSSRHDY Patil Stadium
2329Sunday17/April/227:30 PMGTCSKMCA Stadium, Pune
2430Monday18/April/227:30 PMRRKKRBrabourne CCI
2531Tuesday19/April/227:30 PMLSGRCBDY Patil Stadium
2632Wednesday20/April/227:30 PMDCPBKSMCA Stadium, Pune
2733Thursday21/April/227:30 PMMICSKDY Patil Stadium
2834Friday22/April/227:30 PMDCRRMCA Stadium, Pune
2935Saturday23/April/223:30 PMKKRGTDY Patil Stadium
2936Saturday23/April/227:30 PMRCBSRHBrabourne CCI
3037Sunday24/April/227:30 PMLSGMIWankhede Stadium
3138Monday25/April/227:30 PMPBKSCSKWankhede Stadium
3239Tuesday26/April/227:30 PMRCBRRMCA Stadium, Pune
3340Wednesday27/April/227:30 PMGTSRHWankhede Stadium
3441Thursday28/April/227:30 PMDCKKRWankhede Stadium
3542Friday29/April/227:30 PMPBKSLSGMCA Stadium, Pune
3643Saturday30/April/223:30 PMGTRCBBrabourne CCI
3644Saturday30/April/227:30 PMRRMIDY Patil Stadium
3745Sunday01/May/223:30 PMDCLSGWankhede Stadium
3746Sunday01/May/227:30 PMSRHCSKMCA Stadium, Pune
3847Monday02/May/227:30 PMKKRRRWankhede Stadium
3948Tuesday03/May/227:30 PMGTPBKSDY Patil Stadium
4049Wednesday04/May/227:30 PMRCBCSKMCA Stadium, Pune
4150Thursday05/May/227:30 PMDCSRHBrabourne CCI
4251Friday06/May/227:30 PMGTMIBrabourne CCI
4352Saturday07/May/223:30 PMPBKSRRWankhede Stadium
4353Saturday07/May/227:30 PMLSGKKRMCA Stadium, Pune
4454Sunday08/May/223:30 PMSRHRCBWankhede Stadium
4455Sunday08/May/227:30 PMCSKDCDY Patil Stadium
4556Monday09/May/227:30 PMMIKKRDY Patil Stadium
4657Tuesday10/May/227:30 PMLSGGTMCA Stadium, Pune
4758Wednesday11/May/227:30 PMRRDCDY Patil Stadium
4859Thursday12/May/227:30 PMCSKMIWankhede Stadium
4960Friday13/May/227:30 PMRCBPBKSBrabourne CCI
5061Saturday14/May/227:30 PMKKRSRHMCA Stadium, Pune
5162Sunday15/May/223:30 PMCSKGTWankhede Stadium
5163Sunday15/May/227:30 PMLSGRRBrabourne CCI
5264Monday16/May/227:30 PMPBKSDCDY Patil Stadium
5365Tuesday17/May/227:30 PMMISRHWankhede Stadium
5466Wednesday18/May/227:30 PMKKRLSGDY Patil Stadium
5567Thursday19/May/227:30 PMRCBGTWankhede Stadium
5668Friday20/May/227:30 PMRRCSKBrabourne CCI
5769Saturday21/May/227:30 PMMIDCWankhede Stadium
5870Sunday22/May/227:30 PMSRHPBKSWankhede Stadium

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