Updated: 24 September 2023

India vs Australia Head-To-Head Stats, Records In ODI, T20 And Test Cricket. India and Australia have been arch-rivals for a century and more. These two sides have played some exceptional cricket over the years, giving all cricket fans across the globe a visual delight. Whenever these two sides meet, it is always a high-octane drama and full paisa-vasool for the spectators. There has been a lot of memorable series played between these two sides.

Who can forget the Harbhajan- Symonds monkey-gate saga that shocked the entire cricket world!! In a nutshell, we can say that the India-Australia cricket match is one of the most sought-after cricket encounters for everyone.

Given below are the head-to-head stats between India and Australia in all formats of the game:

India Vs Australia Head-To-Head In ODI, T20, And Test Cricket

India vs Australia head-to-head stats in ODI

Total No of Series: 60

Won by India- 15, Won by Australia – 28, Shared- 1, Won by another team (Non-Bilateral series)- 16

Total Matches played in Australia-54, Matches won by India-14, Matches won by Australia-38, No Result-2

Total Matches played in India- 67, Matches won by India-30, Matches won by Australia-29, No Result- 5

Total matches played (ODI) overall -147, Matches won by India-55, Matches won by Australia-82, No Result -10

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Highest Team Totals:

India – 383/6 (Bengaluru, Nov 2013)

Australia- 359/2 (Johannesburg, March 2003

Lowest Team Totals:

India – 63/10 (25.5 overs), Sydney, Jan 1981

Australia- 101/10 (37.5 overs), Perth, Dec 1991

Highest Individual Scores:

India- 209- Rohit Sharma, Bengaluru, Nov 2013

Australia- 156- George Bailey, Nagpur, Oct 2013

Best Bowling Figures:

India – 27/6- Murali Karthik, Mumbai, Oct 2007

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Australia- 39/6- Ken MacLey, Nottingham, June 1983

Most runs- Sachin Tendulkar- 3077

Most wickets- Brett Lee -55

Most centuries- Sachin Tendulkar- 9

India vs Australia head-to-head stats in T20

Total Number of series- 15, Won by India-5, Won by Australia- 2, Won by another team (non- bilateral series)-8

Total Matches Played in Australia- 9

Matches won by India- 5

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Matches won by Australia- 3

No Result- 1

Total Matches Played in India – 7

Matches won by India-3

Matches won by Australia – 4

No Result- 0

Total Matches played Overall -23

Matches won by India -13

Matches won by Australia – 9

No Result – 1

Highest Team Totals:

India – 202/4, Rajkot, Oct 2013

Australia- 201/7, Rajkot, Oct 2013

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Lowest Team Totals:

India – 74/10, Melbourne, Feb 2008

Australia- 86/10, Mirpur, March 2014

Highest Individual Scores:

India- Virat Kohli-90*- Adelaide, Jan 2016

Australia – Shane Watson- 124*, Mirpur, March 2014

Best Bowling Figures:

India -11/4, R Ashwin, Mirpur, March 2014

Australia – 21/4, Jason Behrendroff, Guwahati, Oct 2017

Most runs- Virat Kohli- 718

Most wickets- Jaspreet Bumrah -15

Most centuries- Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell (1 each).

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India vs Australia Head-To-Head, stats in Tests:

Total series: 29

Won by India- 11

Won by Australia- 13

Drawn – 5

Total Matches Played in India- 54

Matches won by India –24

Matches won by Australia-14

No Result-16

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Total Matches Played in Australia-52

Matches won by India -9

Matches won by Australia-30

No Result -13

Total Matches Played Overall- 107, Matches won by India -32, Matches won by Australia -45, No Result-20, Tied- 1

Highest Team Totals:

India- 705/7, Sydney, 2003-04

Australia- 674/10. Adelaide, 1947-48

Lowest Team Totals:

India -58/10, Brisbane, 1947-48

Australia- 83/10, Adelaide, 1947-48

Highest Individual Scores:

India – 281, VVS Laxman, Kolkata, 2000-2001

Australia- 329*, Michael Clarke, Sydney, 2011-2012

Best Bowling Figures (in a match):

India – 217/15- Harbhajan Singh, Chennai, 2000-2001

Australia- 70/12- Stephen O’ Keefe, Pune, 2016-2017

Most runs- Sachin Tendulkar- 3630

Most wickets- Anil Kumble -111

Most centuries- Sachin Tendulkar- 11