Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul
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Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul: Prediction, Feud Between Them, And Why Fans Are Angry. All hell broke loose in the WWE universe when the WWE Championship match between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul at Crown Jewel was announced by Triple H – the CEO and currently the creative head of the company.

In this article, we shall be talking about everything you need to know about the now much-anticipated match. However, to know the reason for fans’ mixed reaction to this decision, we need to take a deep dive into how Logan Paul made his way into World Wrestling Entertainment. 

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Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns: How did Logan Paul make his way into WWE

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Logan Paul is undoubtedly one of the biggest Youtube celebrities in the World. He has not only made it big on Youtube, but he is also a great showman and understands show business to the very core. 

Having been a wrestler in his high school days, it did not take Logan Paul much time to transition into combat sports as a way to leverage his career after a big controversy.

He chose boxing and his career started with a big beef against UK’s biggest Youtuber, KSI. He gradually started taking boxing seriously and soon took on Floyd Mayweather in the match of his life. 

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Seeing his showmanship and fame, WWE signed a deal with him a few months ago. As Logan is from a Wrestling background, he fits into WWE even more so than Boxing. 

He started his WWE career as an ally to the Miz and his first match was Miz and Logan Paul vs the Mysterios Wrestlemania 38. Miz and Logan won the match but after the match ended, Miz turned against the 27-year-old and attacked him. 

Miz and Logan Paul went head to head against each other and fought in Summer Slam. Logan ended up winning the match. It is noteworthy that he signed a long-term deal with WWE just before his match against Miz. His victory against the A-lister was his breakthrough moment in WWE. 

Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns: Feud with Roman Reigns 

Roman Reigns Impaulsive Interview. Image Source- Logan Paul Youtube

Soon after his match against Miz, Logan Paul took a short break from wrestling and started to invite well-known WWE celebrities to his podcast Impaulsive. His most recent guest on Impaulsive was Roman Reigns. They had a great podcast but at the end of it, Logan asked Reigns if he thought he could defeat him. 

Triple H, eyeing the opportunity, invited Logan Paul to Smackdown to interview Roman Reigns. One thing led to another and the big hype about the faceoff caused the match between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul at Crown Jewel to be fixed.

Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns: Why are WWE fans angry 

Many WWE fans are furious at this decision to give Logan Paul a title shot so early in his career. This is mostly because there are many deserving WWE stars who have devoted their entire lives to the company and have been sidelined lately.

For example, Seth Rollins has not been given a title shot for years now and Logan Paul getting a match against Roman Reigns after just playing 2 matches is unfathomable. Also, some people do not like Logan Paul because of his history. 

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Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns: Winning Prediction 

Roman Reigns is the longest reigning Universal Champion. He has held the title for more than 749 days and seems to be in no mood to give it up anytime soon. He is currently the face of WWE and will probably keep the title to himself much longer. He is a 6-times WWE champion and is one of the strongest wrestlers on the WWE roster as of now. 

Logan Paul, on the other hand, is a rookie. He has a good record so far in WWE but to even think that he will be able to give a good competition to Roman Reigns, is madness. 

We, therefore, think that Roman Reigns will absolutely demolish Logan Paul and continue his streak as the WWE champion.