Updated: 18 June 2023

England and Australia are arch-rivals for ages. These two cricket giants have been involved in a few matches that have redefined the cricket structure. The most prominent among those is the Ashes series. This cricket league is the biggest rivalry between two test-playing nations.

Apart from The Ashes, the two heavyweights have locked-horns across different formats since 1877.  Whenever England and Australia fight in a cricket match, the environment inside the stadium is electrifying.

This rivalry holds a special place among the cricket fans due to the impeccable track records between these two teams. Whenever we talk about England vs Australia match, we often associate it with chin music bowling from the pace bowlers, the spinners getting wickets with a 90-degree turn, the batsmen tormenting the bowlers from the word go. These aspects define the audacity of an England – Australia match and set it apart from the rest.

Australia vs England Cricket Team Head-To-Head Stats, Record In Test, ODI & T20

England Vs. Australia Head-to-Head In Test

Number of matches- 356

Won by England- 110


Won by Australia – 150

Match draw- 96

Win% of England- 31.33

Win% of Australia- 42.59

Format dominated by Australia

Highest Score- 903/7 by England

Lowest Score- 36/10 by Australia

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Players Stats In England Vs. Australia Head-To-Head In Test

Most runs scored- DG Bradman (Australia)- 5028

Most wickets were taken- Shane Warne (Australia)- 95

Highest score in an inning- L Hutton (England)- 364

Most wickets in an inning- JC Laker (England)-10

Highest partnership- WH Ponsford and DG Bradman(Australia)- 451

Most centuries scored- DG Bradman (Australia)- 19

Most matches played- SE Gregory (Australia)-52

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England vs Australia Head-to-Head In ODI

Number of matches- 155

Won by England- 63

Won by Australia- 87

No result- 3

Match tied- 2

Win% of England- 42.95

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Win% of Australia- 57.24

Format dominated by  Australia

Highest Score- 481/6 by England

Lowest Score- 70/10 by Australia

Players Stats In England Vs. Australia Head-To-Head In ODI

Most runs scored- Eoin Morgan (England)- 1952

Most wickets were taken- Brett Lee (Australia)-65

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Highest score in a match- Jason Roy (England)-180

Most wickets in a match- AJ Bichel (Australia)-7

Highest partnership- Shane Watson and Ricky Ponting (Australia)- 252*

Most centuries scored-  Aaron Finch(Australia)-7

Most fifers took- Brett Lee (Australia)-3

Most matches played- Eoin Morgan (England)-56

England Vs. Australia Head-to-Head In T20

Number of matches- 23

Won by England- 11

Won by Australia- 10

No result- 2

Win% of England- 47.396

Win% of Australia- 52.63

Format dominated by England

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Highest score-248/6 by Australia

Lowest Score- 79-10 by Australia

Players Stats in England Vs. Australia head to head In T20

Most runs scored- Aaron Finch (Australia)- 594

Most wickets were taken- MG Johnson (Australia)- 11

Highest score in an inning- Aaron Finch (Australia)- 156

Most wickets in an inning-  Shane Watson (Australia)- 4

Highest partnership- Moen Ali and Eoin Morgan(England)- 135

Most half-centuries scored- Aaron Finch (Australia)-4

Most matches played- Eoin Morga (England)-14