Asia Cup 2025 Format
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Asia Cup 2025 Will Be Contested In T20 Format – Host, Venues, Teams, Format, And Other Details: Following India’s stunning victory over Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup 2023 Finals, this intercontinental competition will return in 2025 for its 17th season. The 16th season of the Asia Cup concluded on September 17th, with India defeating Sri Lanka by 10 wickets. Mohd Siraj of India used a magical spell to help India win the game. Kuldeep Yadav adjudged Man Of The Tournament.

The cricketing world is buzzing with excitement as the coveted Asia Cup returns in 2025, offering an exhilarating show of skill and rivalry. The Asia Cup 2025, unlike previous editions, would be contested in the thrilling T20 International (T20I) format.

This decision has sparked enthusiasm among cricket fans all around the world, as it opens the door to high-octane matches, fascinating confrontations, and moments of cricketing genius.

According to sources, Bangladesh will host the Asia Cup 2025, which will be played in a T20 format. Even though nothing has been clarified, According to the same reports, Asia Cup host selection would now be done by vote since there was too much uncertainty in the 2023 hosting countries.

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Asia Cup
Image Source: ACC


The Asia Cup began in 1984 as a competition for Asian cricket teams. India The first members of this coveted prize are Pakistan and Sri Lanka. After that, each year, new members such as Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and others were recruited, and the number of teams has ranged from four to six since the 1990s, depending on the format.

India Sri Lanka and Pakistan have both competed in All Asia Cups, except a few that they were unable to attend owing to political differences. Bangladesh has been a regular participant in the Cup since the 2000s.

Afghanistan has been a regular member since 2014, after gaining full membership in the 2000s. India has won the most Asia Cup titles, with eight, followed by Sri Lanka.

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Asia Cup Format

The Asia Cup began in the ODI format and has been played in that format since 2014. However, the Asia Cup format was altered to T20 in 2016 in preparation for the T20 World Cup. The next edition, in 2018, was returned to its original ODI format.

Because of the quick pace and thrilling, compact matches, the Asian Cricket Council agreed to transition to the T20 format in 2022. Since then, the ACC has elected to stick with the T20 format.

However, in 2023, the Cup returned to the ODI format in preparation for the ODI World Cup 2023. The following format will be played in T20 format and will continue until further notice.

There were no knockout matches in the inaugural edition; the champion was determined by the points earned in the group stage. Following that, knockout matches were implemented. When teams began to develop in the tournament, new formats were adopted, such as group stage and Super 6 or Super 6 and Semi-Finals. However, every tournament since 1984 has had a final.

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Asia Cup 2025 Predicted Schedule

The 2025 schedule has yet to be revealed. However, it is expected that eight teams will compete in the competition. The qualification will choose five teams with full ICC membership and the remaining three teams.

Teams will be separated into two groups and will compete in a round-robin style. The top three teams from each group will advance to the Super Six round, and the highest-performing team will compete in the finals. Aside from Dhaka, Mirpur and Chattagaon may hold matches.