The two-day IPL 2022 mega auction is just a few hours away, with the auction set to begin at 12 PM IST onwards (12 & 13 Feb). Ten teams of IPL 2022 will try their best to buy their favorite Indian and foreign in these two days. Punjab King’s (PBKS) purse has the highest 72 crores and Delhi’s (DC) purse has the least 47.5 crores.

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Deepak Hooda’s Based Price Increased to 75 Lakh From 40 Lakhs

All-rounder Deepak Hooda, who made his international debut, this week during India vs West Indies series had initially entered the IPL 2022 Auction at a base price of INR 40 Lakh has now been listed in the INR 75 lakh by virtue of him being a capped player now in the revised IPL auction list that also features ten new names. Yesterday evening, the IPL council distributed the updated list to the franchises, as reported.

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Which Set Of Players Will Be Up For IPL Mega Auction on Day 1

It is being reported that 97 listed players will go under the hammer on 12th Feb & and players 98 to 161 up till 13th Feb, the rest of the players(capped, uncapped) will be in further bidding with the players requested by IPL franchises only coming up to the auctioneer’s table.

The first set of 11 players, (total 97) – will include the marquee set players – who are in the first set comprising 10 players ( like Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, David Warner, Ravichandran Ashwin). Set 1 to 5 will the capped players(both Indian& overseas) and the set 6 to 11 will feature the uncapped players.

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10 New Players Added to the List: Report

The updated auction list features seven Indians and three Australian players all are uncapped and in the INR 20 lakh category 7 Indians – Agnivesh Ayachi, Nitish Kumar Reddy, Mihir Hirwani, Hardik Tamore, Sairaj Patil, Monu Kumar, Rohan Rana, and 3 Australian players Aaron Hardie, Lance Morris, Nivethan Radhakrishnan in the revised list, All-rounder Ayachi, of Saurashtra, was part of the Punjab Kings in the last IPL season.

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There Could Be Additional 44 players Who Could Come Up In The Further Auction

It is reported that there are 624 (Additional 44 players via further IPL 2022 auctions) players in the action seeking attention from IPL franchise owners. About 65-70 percent of these players are unlikely to find a buyer, yet that does not diminish the excitement and anticipation a whit – among players, owners and fans.