Updated: 10 July 2022

Richest Cricketers In The World. There are many games played in India, but in terms of popularity, cricket is far ahead of all sports. Respect, fame, money everything is there in this game. Often, cricket lovers are eager to know how much property players have.

We have prepared a list of the ten richest cricketers in the world here. It has Sachin Tendulkar sitting at the top which may surprise many as he retired from cricket many years ago. But still, he is seen advertising for many companies which is the major source of his income. MS Dhoni is second on the list. Legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne died last year.

There are 5 Indians on this list of the 10 wealthiest cricketers. This proves the fact that cricket is not only popular in India but it also has a lot of money.

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Top 10 Richest Cricketers In The World And Their Net Worth

Number Player Net WorthSourceNationality Age
1Sachin Tendulkar 175 Million $ (1387 Cr) EndorsementsIndia50
2MS Dhoni 113 Million $ ( 895 Cr) IPL,Endorsements,BusinessIndia 41
3Virat Kohli 105 Million $ (800 Cr)Cricket & EndorsementsIndia34
4Ricky Ponting 73 Million $ (590 Cr) Coaching, EndorsementsAustralia 48
5Brian Lara 60 Million $ (470 Cr) Golf, EndorsementsWest Indies 53
6Shane Warne*50 Million $ (380 Cr) Endorsements, CommentaryAustralia Died
7Jacques Kallis 46 Million $ (345 Cr) CoachingSouth Africa 46
8Virender Sehwag 41 Million $ ( 315 Cr) Endorsements, CommentatorIndia 42
9Yuvraj Singh36 Million $ (275 Cr)Foundation,EndorsementsIndia 40
10Shane Watson 29 Million $ (223 Cr) Cricket Australia 40