Royal Rumble 2023
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WWE Legend Vince Russo Thinks THIS Wrestler Must Win Royal Rumble 2023. The Royal Rumble is by far one of WWE’s most exciting pay-per-view events. The main event of this event is a 30-man royal rumble match in which the last man standing wins a title shot in the main event of Wrestlemania. The format of the match is what makes it so exciting.

Two wrestlers start the match, and a new wrestler enters the ring every 90 seconds until the 30th participant has entered the ring. A wrestler can only be eliminated when he is thrown over the top rope and both of his feet touch the ground. 

Despite being one of the most anticipated pay-per-view events, WWE has made some poor creative decisions in the past. Every year, the company brings in some legendary retired wrestlers to make special appearances in the Rumble, and they often end up winning the main event too. For example, WWE brought one of their legends, Edge, back from retirement in the 2021 Royal Rumble, and he won the match. 

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However, fans are sick of this tradition now, and WWE veteran Vince Russo thinks that the creative heads need to do something different this year. According to him, they have no other option but to make Cody Rhodes the winner of the Royal Rumble in 2023. 

Source: WWE

“Bro, I don’t know what that swerve would be. Who means anything to go over in this thing outside of Cody Rhodes? Like, really? You’re going to put Kevin Nash in the Royal Rumble to win it? Like, bro, what could they possibly do that’s a swerve that’s going to excite anybody?” he said. 

Cody Rhodes’s wrestling career has seen an upward trajectory ever since he made his comeback to the company last year. However, he has unfortunately been out of the ring for a long time owing to an injury. 

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The last time we saw him was in the 2022 Hell of a Cell, where he took on Seth Rollins. He came into the match with a pectoral injury that he suffered in training and, despite that, ended up winning the match. Fans were highly impressed by his performance, but he has been out of the ring ever since. 

Rhodes has already announced that he will make his comeback in the 2023 Royal Rumble and it will be only fitting to see him redeem himself by winning the main event.