IPL 2024 Auction
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IPL 2024 Auction: Mallika Sagar Likely To Replace Hugh Edmeades As Auctioneer- REPORT. Global cricket enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the IPL 2024 auction, scheduled for December 19, 2023, in Dubai. A pivotal event in the cricket calendar, it is expected to witness intense bidding wars for top players and a notable departure from tradition – the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is considering inviting Mallika Sagar, a distinguished auctioneer, to officiate the proceedings.

Mallika Sagar, presently a celebrated consultant and art collector situated in Mumbai, began her venture into the auction industry in 2001. Her inaugural steps into the realm of bids and gavels unfolded at the esteemed British auction house, Christie’s. Throughout the years, Mallika has not only established herself as an accomplished auctioneer but has also garnered recognition as a connoisseur of the art of selling.

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In the past, seasoned auctioneers like Richard Madley and Hugh Edmeades have been central figures in orchestrating IPL auctions. Nevertheless, a health scare involving Edmeades during the 2022 mega-auction, characterized by “postural hypotension,” has led the BCCI to approach the upcoming event with caution. This incident has prompted the cricketing board to consider alternative auctioneering talents.

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Mallika Sagar: The Female Auctioneer for IPL 2024

Mallika’s demonstrated proficiency in managing high-profile auctions makes her potential inclusion a noteworthy departure from the norm. The BCCI, known for innovation, appears ready to inject a fresh dynamic into the auctioneer’s role. This move aims to ensure a smooth and captivating experience for both bidders and viewers alike during the IPL auction.

Mallika embarked on her auctioneer journey at Christie’s, absorbing the intricacies of the trade. Her time at this esteemed institution laid the groundwork for her illustrious career, nurturing her passion for the art of auctioneering.

Mallika’s prowess in auctions is evident in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) auction. Her meticulous preparation for the WPL sale included a thorough examination of vintage footage featuring auctioneers from the Indian Premier League. By studying the styles of luminaries such as Hugh Edmeades, Richard Madley, and Charu Sharma, she gained invaluable insights, highlighting her dedication to delivering an unparalleled auction experience.