Hardik Pandya Divorce
Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya, Image Source: Twitter

Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic Divorce: Key Details You Need to Know. Rumours are circulated that Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya, and Natasa Stankovic, the Serbian model, are in the middle of talk about a divorce. People started thinking this when Natasa took out “Pandya” from her Instagram name and got rid of many pictures of them together.

The rumors became more noticeable when Natasa didn’t attend Indian Premier League 2024 matches, where many other cricketers’ wives were cheering for their husbands. Pandya and Natasa got engaged in January 2020 and had a son named Agastya the same year. Fans have been closely following their relationship, seeing posts displaying their love for each other. The sudden change in their online activity has made many believe that the couple might have split.

The couple’s potential breakup is are trending on social media, but neither Hardik Pandya nor Natasa Stankovic has said anything to confirm. Both of them haven’t said anything, so fans are guessing based on what they post online and how they act in public. This lack of information is making people even more curious about their relationship.

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This is like what happened to cricketers Mohammed Azharuddin and Shikhar Dhawan when they had problems in their marriages, which hurt their careers. We don’t know how these rumors will affect Hardik Pandya’s career. Fans have lots of questions, but they’re waiting for Hardik or Natasa to say something official. Until then, people keep guessing and getting more interested in their relationship.

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Hardik Pandya to Give Most of His Property to Natasa Stankovic in Divorce

There’s talk going around that the divorce is done, and Natasa might get around 70% of Pandya’s property. We can’t check if it’s true, but social media is talking about it a lot. They say 70% of Pandya’s things will go to Natasa after the divorce. But Hardik and Natasa haven’t said anything about it yet.

Additionally, neither of them has posted about each other on social media for a while. The last time Pandya shared a picture with Natasa and their son was on Valentine’s Day. Unlike previous years, Hardik also didn’t post or wish her a happy birthday.