Asia Cup 2023 Full Schedule To Be Announced This Week

Asia Cup 2023 Full Schedule To Be Announced This Week. The ICC officially released the schedule for the highly anticipated ODI World Cup 2023 last week, which generated significant interest and debate surrounding the designated venues. In contrast, the organizing committee of the Asia Cup, scheduled to precede the World Cup, has yet to disclose its schedule, leaving fans and stakeholders eagerly awaiting this crucial information. So why is there an unnecessary delay? 

Asia cup 2023

According to ACC officials, final discussing are going on with PCB and Sri Lanka cricket board to finalise the venues. Dambulaa and Lahore are the favourite venues to host. However the final decision will be taken by this weekend. Tentative schedule has been shared with the participating members

Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan and won last year’s Asia Cup, while India’s performance was below par. The Indian team aims to improve this year.

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India vs Pakistan: Asia Cup 2023 

Before the ODI World Cup 2023, India will play against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023. This tournament will be cordially hosted on hybrid model by Sri Lanka and Pakistan with six Asian teams participating. The Asia Cup 2023 will be played in the ODI format, allowing teams to prepare for the ODI World Cup, except for Nepal, who qualify first time in the tournament.

India and Pakistan will have a significant clash on September 3. India will play all their matches in Sri Lanka, with only four matches scheduled in Pakistan. The rest of the nine matches will take place in Sri Lanka. According to some reports, the complete schedule for the Asia Cup 2023 will be announced this weekend. However, the full tentative schedule of the Asia Cup is given below.

Asia Cup 2023 Schedule:

2 SepSri Lanka vs Afghanistan BPakistan2.30 PM
3 SepIndia vs Pakistan ASri Lanka (TBC)2.30 PM
5 SepBangladesh vs Afghanistan BPakistan2.30 PM
6 SepIndia vs TBCASri Lanka (TBC)2.30 PM
8 SepSri Lanka vs BangladeshBPakistan2.30 PM
9 SepPakistan vs TBCAPakistan2.30 PM
10 SepAfghanistan vs Sri LankaSFPakistan2.30 PM
11 SepIndia vs PakistanSFSri Lanka (TBC)2.30 PM
12 SepSri Lanka vs IndiaSFSri Lanka (TBC)2.30 PM
13 SepPakistan vs AfghanistanSFPakistan2.30 PM
14 SepIndia vs AfghanistanSFSri Lanka (TBC)2.30 PM
15 SepSri Lanka vs PakistanSFPakistan2.30 PM
17 SepTBC vs TBC FinalSri Lanka (TBC)2.30 PM