Gujarat Titans IPL 2023
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IPL 2022, the 15th edition, saw debutant Gujarat Titans, under the leadership of Hardik Pandya, clinch their maiden IPL trophy. It was a fascinating encounter between top-class IPL teams, giving neck-to-neck fights to each other. After the culmination of IPL 2022, the focus has shifted towards IPL 2023, which will see the 10 teams fighting it out for the trophy next year from April.

The Marylebone Cricket Council (MCC), the organization responsible for framing rules and regulations related to cricket matches, has laid down a few new rules for the T20 game, which will take effect from 1 October 2022 in international matches. Let us look at 3 new rule changes in the T20 format, that can make IPL 2023 more interesting:

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Extra Fielder Allowed Outside The 30-Yard Circle

The T20 cricket format provides the batsman with the luxury to go all guns blazing during the first six overs of the match. According to the current ICC rules, only two fielders can be allowed outside the 30-yard circle during the powerplay. This number increases to 5 after the first 6 overs. The last four overs (overs 16-20) are considered to be the slog overs, where the batsman tries to score big runs.

To give the bowlers some breathing space and extra cushion, every team will be allowed to put one extra fielder (six from the current five) outside the 30-yard circle during overs 16-20. It will be interesting to see how the batsman finds boundaries with this field change.

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Mankading Is Officially Run-Out Now

This has been a very recent change in the rules of the t20 cricket, which will compel the non-striker not to leave his crease. Earlier, when the bowler ran out the non-striker batter before delivering the ball, it was known as Mankading. It always sparked a debate regarding this going against the spirit of cricket.

As it is said that why should boys have all the fun? In the same way, the MCC came out with a strategy like why should the non-striker have all the fun!!. Now, the bowler has the right to run out the non-striker if he steps out of the batting crease before the bowler has reached his delivery stride.

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Limitation On The Time A Substitute Fielder Can Be On The Field

This rule can make a lot of weak fielding teams a little worried. Earlier, it was very common that when any fast bowler completed his over, he went outside the playing area to rest. This resulted in a better fielder coming on the field as a replacement.

The teams utilized this option and kept their fielders away most of the time. But, they won’t be able to do the same thing again, as according to MCC’s new rules related to T20 cricket, a substitute fielder will be allowed to stay on the field only for a maximum of 3 overs.