Updated- 1 May 2022

IPL 2022: Most Popular Teams On Social Media. Most Followed Teams On Social Media IPL 2022. TATA IPL 2022 is going to start on March 26th. The first match of TATA IPL 2022 will be played between CSK vs KKR at Wankhede on March 26th from 7.30 pm. There will be a total of 74 matches in IPL 2022. Like last year this time also, there will be limited spectators in the stadium due to COVID, therefore, all the teams have opted for the social media medium to interact with their fans and update news.

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Here, We have brought the followers of all IPL 2022 teams to their social media channels. It’s just a coincidence or something that the top 3 IPL teams who have won the title for the most number of times, have the highest number of followers.

These teams are Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, and Kolkata Knight Riders.

A few weeks back CSK surpasses MI and RCB surpasses KKR in terms of the total no of social media followers.

IPL 2022 : Most Popular Teams On Social Media

Chennai Super Kings Social Media

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Twitter – 8.3 M, (Last IPL 7.3M)
Facebook- 13 m (12.5M)
Instagram- 9.9 (8.2M)
YouTube- 2.5 m (1.91M)

Total ——— 33.7M

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Mumbai Indians Social Media

Twitter – 7.4 (IPL 2021 -6.8M)
Facebook- 13. 7 M (13.2M)
Instagram- 9.6 m (7.9M)
YouTube- 1.53 m (1.36M)

Total ——— 32.23 (IPL 2021- 29.51M)

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Kolkata Knight Riders Social Media

Twitter – 4.8m ( IPL 2021- 4.5M)
Facebook- 16.6 m (15.64 M)
Instagram- 3.1 (2.7M)
YouTube- 964 k (807 K)

Total ——— 18.6M

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Social Media

Twitter – 5.6m (IPL 2021- 4.9M)
Facebook- 9.8 m (9.4M)
Instagram- 8.4m (7.2M)
YouTube- 2.93 m (2.69 M)

Total ——— 26.93 M (24M)


Punjab Kings Social Media

Twitter – 2.7m (2.5M)
Facebook- 8.6m (8.4M)
Instagram- 2.6 (2.4M)
YouTube- 419 k (402K)

Total ——— 14.4m (13.7M)

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Delhi Capitals Social Media

Twitter – 2.2 M (IPL 2021- 1.9)
Facebook- 7.9 m (7.6M)
Instagram- 3.1M (2.7 M)
YouTube- 563k (481K)

Total ——— 13.3m (12.9M)

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Sunrisers Hyderabad Social Media

Twitter – 2.7M
Facebook- 6.1M —
Instagram- 2.5M
YouTube- 601K

Total ——— 11.9 M

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Rajasthan Royals Social Media

Twitter- 2.1M
Facebook – 4.3M
Instagram – 1.8M
YouTube- 441k

Total ——— 9.2M