Football does have the main goal of scoring goals against opponents and winning matches. Everything, in ways and tricks from the players to be able to score goals against the opponent’s goal, including penalty tricks.

For some people, executing a penalty is easy. However, they tend to forget that the goalkeeper will also do everything he can to keep the net from conceding or from the ball. Therefore, not a few players fail to score penalty kicks.

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This usually makes the players disappointed and frustrated, for failing to score from a great chance of a penalty kick. Even so, throughout the history of football, there are at least 5 beast executors who have scored the best penalties in the world.

Here Are The Best 5 Executors In The Football History :

1. Matt Le Tissier (England)

The name is Le Tissier it is a little foreign to the fans of football today. More so Le Tissier undergoing a career as a professional football is more spent defending mediocre teams.

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Even that doesn’t mean Le Tissier has no right to give its own color in the history of football. yes, Le Tissier for now is still listed as the player with the success of scoring or executing the best penalty kicks in history, scoring 47 goals and having only failed once.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Discussing Ronaldo as one of the greatest players in the history of football will never end. Especially since he debuted as a professional athlete, he has achieved a myriad of achievements and made by him, a captain of the Portugal national team Ronaldo.

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Have a variety of individual techniques, capable physique, strong kicks, and also high jumps are the main strengths of Ronaldo. Besides that, Ronaldo’s composure and greatness in executing penalty kicks are also one of the advantages he has. Ronaldo has scored 136 penalty goals and only missed 36 times.

3. Gaizka Mendieta (Spain)

Mendieta’s popularity as a Spanish footballer is still lost to Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, and Raul Gonzalez. But in fact, Mendieta himself was once the backbone of Spain’s midfield in the early 2000s.

Mendieta’s own ability is not only from his individual technique, but also his prowess in executing penalties. Yes, throughout his career, Mendieta has scored 31 times out of 34 penalties.

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4. Francesco Totti (Italy)

For football lovers, including Italy, the name Totti is already very familiar. Because Totti himself had indeed become a star in the Italian league and become a legendary player with AS Roma.

Totti’s prowess in executing set pieces is well known throughout the world, including penalty shots. Over the years Totti has scored 86 goals out of 105 occasions meaning he has only failed 19 times.

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5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

Ibrahimovic is indeed one of the best footballers the Swedes have ever had in their football. Promising individual abilities, as well as mental strength, are Ibrahimovic’s main weapons.

It was that condition that made Ibrahimovic one of the deadliest executors in the world. Yes, the player who is now grazing at AC Milan has scored from the penalty spot 83 times, on 97 occasions.