Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday creates history by becoming the first person in the world to reach the 300 million followers mark on photo-sharing platform Instagram. Juventus forward was also the first person to reach the 200 million mark on the same platform.

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The First Person To Reach 300 Million Followers On Instagram

The Portuguese football icon has been used to breaking records on the field and his achievements inside the stadiums all across the world often have a positive impact off the field too. Ronaldo is way ahead of the second-placed wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson, who has 246 million followers on this platform.

Even with the Portugal national team, the icon’s achievements are unparalleled. The Juventus star is also Portugal’s top-scoring player with 106 goals to his name.

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Record Earnings From Instagram

As per a report Cristiano is also the top-earning athlete from Instagram. Last year Portuguese football captain earned the most money through Instagram from sponsored posts. Ronaldo earned $50.3 million from paid Instagram posts which is way more than the salary he earns ($33m) from his club Juventus. He received an average of $975,000 per advertised post on Insta. His huge earnings were way more than even Kylie Jenner.

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He was also the top-earning athlete in 2021, earning a total of $120 million. He has more than 500 million followers cumulatively on social media platforms like Instagram Facebook and Twitter.