ICC WTC 2023

The vibe of test cricket has always been unique. It is so because the drama is painfully hyperbolized, and it runs at a slow pace. The players are mentally and physically tested on their determination. The longer format tests the temperament of the players.

It is said that the longer format of the game demands the appropriate skills, which does not matter too much in the shorter format.

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For a long time, cricket administrators attempted to prepare approaches to re-evaluate the long format before the International Cricket Council (ICC) chose the World Test Championship (WTC), which as of late got finished with New Zealand bringing down India.

The debut WTC is finished. However, it never truly got into gear due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which wrecked the very best-laid plans with series passing by the wayside, meaning the rush to the last was a disappointment. 

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WTC Can be The Lifeline For The Struggling Test Cricket

A Test cricket style ‘World Cup’ is dangerous to put together because of cricket’s undeniably blocked schedule. The WTC is quite defective and has a lot more pragmatic difficulties contrasted with different games associations.

There is not sufficient opportunity to play home, and away arrangement means the honesty of the competition is now questionable, in any case. 

Enemies India and Pakistan do not play each other worsening the issues. There has been uncertainty over the idea, with even the ICC chairman Greg Barclay saying that the WTC may be rethought after being chosen last year. The ICC has since declared that the WTC will proceed in the 2023-31 cycle; however, a few changes should be carried out. 

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ICC Associate Countries

There are 12 Test countries, but just nine compete in the WTC. Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, and Ireland have been left behind, and if this continues, they may very well stop Test cricket completely. The second division of WTC would guarantee these nations have something to play for genuinely.

A few top Associates – like Scotland and the Netherlands – could balance a six-team second tier which would likewise act as a motivator to these nations to pay more attention to the long format game. 

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Test cricket is incredibly famous in the top three countries, such as India, Australia, and England, which can keep up with the long format as they have massive domestic broadcasting deals.

Most of the Indian players like playing test matches. And even Kohli recently expressed his opinion on his social media (read: Instagram). “Nothing comes close to playing an intense game in whites. What a blessing to be able to play test cricket for India,”

The test cricket is here to stay no matter what. The crowds still gather for test cricket, irrespective of it being a long format. WTC will help even the smaller countries to come up and showcase their talent and raise the ladder.

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No matter how quickly a player scores a century in T20 cricket, but if he survives the lethal opening pace attack in the first few hours of the test match, he is called the real champion, he is called the actual player, he is called a true test player and a complete batsman.