Updated: 8 August 2022

Top 5 Most Popular Online Games. There was a time when people used to play offline games against each other on sports fields. However, with time, things have changed drastically. Thanks to the advancement of technology, online gaming platforms have flourished immensely.

The affordability of the internet and high-end smartphones has revolutionized how online gaming has progressed across the globe. Now, we can see small children locking horns against each other via a virtual online gaming platform.

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The online gaming concept is not new, but it has progressed immensely in the last decade. Some companies invest millions in creating an online gaming platform, generating huge revenue.

It is expected that the online gaming market will be worth 545 billion USD by the end of 2028. This is a humongous figure. Let us have a look at the top 5 most popular online games in the world that have garnered massive attention from all the game fans:


  • Developer- PUBG Corporation
  • Year of establishment- 2018
  • Active player- 100 million+

If we talk about the top 5 most popular online games, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is PUBG. Invented in 2018, PUBG has taken the online gaming industry by storm. This game is based on the concept of armor and H1Z1.

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PUBG can accommodate a maximum of 99 players at a time online. This game is top-rated due to the graphics and the real-time situation where a map and a mission are designated, and the enemies hide behind the bushes. The user that survives the longest after killing all the enemies wins the battle.


  • Developer- Mojang Studios
  • Year of establishment- 2011
  • Active player- 95 million+

The second in the top 5 most popular online games list is Minecraft’s exciting and adventurous game. Developed by Mojang Studios in the year 2011, within just 10 years of its inception, it has already become the second most preferred online game in the world.

It’s a 3D Sandbox game that allows users to utilize the entire territory. It revolves around some people building some blocks with the help of dirt, lava, stone, bricks, etc. Minecraft is one of the most adventurous games anyone can play.

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  • Developer- Respawn Entertainment
  • Year of establishment- 2019
  • Active player- 50 million

Apex Legends is undoubtedly among the best for those who don’t play PUBG but like battlefield games. It consists of 6 players with 3 players in two teams, who are left on an island to accumulate other resources and fight against the opponent team members.

This game is one of the fastest-growing online games currently across the globe. In just two years since its inception, Apex Legends has garnered more than 50 million active players, which is indeed a significant achievement.

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  • Developer- Epic Games
  • Year of establishment- 2017
  • Active player- 45 million

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most popular games developed by Epic Games in the year 2017. Here, 100 people can play together to the first position in the race. In this game, the players need to build walls and gather some obstacles or other sources of elements.

The players can enter this game solo or in a group. This game has many features, advanced stages, and equipment.

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  • Developer- Valve Corporation
  • Year of establishment- 2012
  • Active player- 35 million

The last one in the list of the top 5 most popular online games globally is Counter-strike. This legendary game came into the picture way back in the year 2012. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game that can be played online and offline.

In this game, two teams are formed, and they have different missions to do. The terrorists need to plant the bomb and dismantle the players. The team that performs the best is adjourned as the winner.