Updated: 29 September 2022

The Indian Premier League is regarded as one of the most lucrative sports leagues globally. The money involved is humongous. The players get the reward for their exceptional performance throughout the IPL season.

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IPL has changed the lives of hundreds of players, both financially and popularity-wise. If we ponder at the salary provided to the top players, it easily touches 15 crores per season. As a result, a few players have accumulated more than 100 crores vis the IPL auction bidding/retention amount for the last 14 years. Let us have a look at the top 5 players who have crossed 100 crores earning in the Indian Premier League:


Teams Played for – Chennai Super Kings, Rising Pune Supergiant

Total IPL Earning (accumulated)- Rs 1,52,84,00,000

Season-wise earning:


YearTeamIPL Salary
2021Chennai Super Kings₹ 150,000,000
2020Chennai Super Kings₹ 150,000,000
2019Chennai Super Kings₹ 150,000,000
2018Chennai Super Kings₹ 150,000,000
2017Rising Pune Supergiant₹ 125,000,000
2016Rising Pune Supergiant₹ 125,000,000
2015Chennai Super Kings₹ 125,000,000
2014Chennai Super Kings₹ 125,000,000
2013Chennai Super Kings₹ 82,800,000
2012Chennai Super Kings₹ 82,800,000
2011Chennai Super Kings₹ 82,800,000
2010Chennai Super Kings₹ 60,000,000
2009Chennai Super Kings₹ 60,000,000
2008Chennai Super Kings₹ 60,000,000
Total₹ 1,528,400,000

2. Rohit Sharma

Teams Played for – Mumbai Indians, Deccan Chargers

Total IPL Earning (accumulated)- Rs 1,46,60,00,000

Season-wise earning:

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YearTeamIPL Salary
2021Mumbai Indians₹ 150,000,000
2020Mumbai Indians₹ 150,000,000
2019Mumbai Indians₹ 150,000,000
2018Mumbai Indians₹ 150,000,000
2017Mumbai Indians₹ 125,000,000
2016Mumbai Indians₹ 125,000,000
2015Mumbai Indians₹ 125,000,000
2014Mumbai Indians₹ 125,000,000
2013Mumbai Indians₹ 92,000,000
2012Mumbai Indians₹ 92,000,000
2011Mumbai Indians₹ 92,000,000
2010Deccan Chargers₹ 30,000,000
2009Deccan Chargers₹ 30,000,000
2008Deccan Chargers₹ 30,000,000
Total₹ 1,466,000,000

3. Virat Kohli

Teams Played for Royal Challengers Bangalore

Total IPL Earning (accumulated)- Rs 143,20,00,000

Season-wise earning:

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YearTeamIPL Salary
2021Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2020Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2019Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2018Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2017Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2016Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2015Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2014Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2013Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 82,800,000
2012Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 82,800,000
2011Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 82,800,000
2010Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 1,200,000
2009Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 1,200,000
2008Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 1,200,000
Total₹ 1,432,000,000

4. Suresh Raina

Teams Played for Chennai Super Kings, Gujrat Lions

Total IPL Earning (accumulated)- Rs 1,10,74,00,000

Season wise earning:

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YearTeamIPL Salary
2021Chennai Super Kings₹ 110,000,000
2020 (ruled out)Chennai Super Kings₹ 110,000,000
2019Chennai Super Kings₹ 110,000,000
2018Chennai Super Kings₹ 110,000,000
2017Gujarat Lions₹ 125,000,000
2016Gujarat Lions₹ 95,000,000
2015Chennai Super Kings₹ 95,000,000
2014Chennai Super Kings₹ 95,000,000
2013Chennai Super Kings₹ 59,800,000
2012Chennai Super Kings₹ 59,800,000
2011Chennai Super Kings₹ 59,800,000
2010Chennai Super Kings₹ 26,000,000
2009Chennai Super Kings₹ 26,000,000
2008Chennai Super Kings₹ 26,000,000
Total₹ 1,107,400,000

5. AB de Villiers

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  • Teams Played for Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Total IPL Earning (accumulated)- Rs 1,02,51,65,000
  • Season wise earning:
YearTeamIPL Salary
2021Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 110,000,000
2020Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 110,000,000
2019Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 110,000,000
2018Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 110,000,000
2017Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 95,000,000
2016Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 95,000,000
2015Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 95,000,000
2014Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 95,000,000
2013Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 58,597,000
2012Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 55,297,000
2011Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 50,600,000
2010Delhi Daredevils₹ 13,887,000
2009Delhi Daredevils₹ 14,736,000
2008Delhi Daredevils₹ 12,048,000
Total₹ 1,025,165,000