Asia Cup 2023
Source: Jay Shah/ Twitter

Asia Cup 2023 Schedule to Be Announced On 14th July: The Asia Cup 2023 is experiencing perhaps the most dramatic rollercoaster ride in the history of World Cricket. Asia Cup 2023 has gone through a lot since it was initially slated to take place in Pakistan in September of this year.

Due to political and security concerns, BCCI was averse to visiting Pakistan; nevertheless, after several meetings and talks, a hybrid approach was decided upon. It has been confirmed that the game would be played in both Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Sri Lanka will host the remaining 9 games, while Pakistan will host 4 of them.

Additionally, it was determined that the Asia Cup would begin on August 31 and end with a final on September 17. The schedule was highly anticipated by the fans when everything was settled.

However, the PCB head had expressed dissatisfaction with this hybrid concept after everything was finalized. Zaka Ashraf, the head of the PCB, invited Jay Shah to Pakistan for a meeting, which Jay Shah vehemently refused.

Which Geo News reported that Jay Shah had accepted invitations to visit Pakistan before the Asia Cup. Which was a complete fabrication. Numerous news outlets attested to Jay Shah’s denial of the invitation.

However, BCCI Secretary Shah and Zaka Ashraf of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) met separately from the present ICC conference in Durban to talk about the Asia Cup and 50-over World Cup. The key points discussed at the Durban summit are listed below.

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Important Points Discussed In The Meeting Regards With Asia Cup 2023

The ICC conference in Durban also included a session when Jay Shah and the PCB chief met and eventually agreed on several issues. This year, arch-rivals India and Pakistan will meet in several matches, and this meeting is significant since it has resolved many issues that both countries will face in the future. Here are some important points about Asia Cup 2023 which are discussed and finalized in the meeting.

  1. The Asia Cup Final Schedule has been finalized, but it has yet to be announced publicly, however ACC has verified the Schedule.
  2. The Asia Cup 2023 schedule is expected to be released on July 14th.
  3. The PCB Chief has finally consented to the Hybrid model. This implies that all prior decisions will be valid; four matches in Pakistan and nine matches in Pakistan.
  4. India vs Pakistan to be held in Sri Lanka including Knock Out of the events
  5. Including the Asia Cup, the World Cup, and other athletic events, India and Pakistan may encounter more than five times this year.