Is IPL A Blessing Or Curse to Indian Cricket

Indian Premier League(IPL) started in 2008 had shown spectacular growth till now. IPL is played every year and its popularity from the beginning has taken a very good lift. It is featured with different teams based on the states as a result it shows a very dynamic fan base for the teams included. IPL has ranked sixth among all the sports leagues throughout the world. Being so much popular, it has given a lot more opportunity to the underground talented cricketers.

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It has provided the amateurs with the opportunity to learn and spend time while playing with experienced international players. Its rule of having at least 6 Indian players in the top 11 has given a great platform for the domestic cricketers to experience the atmosphere of playing while surrounded by a huge crowd.

This kind of platform not only boosts their confidence but also helps the BCCI selectors to keep an eye on the upcoming talented personalities. It provides BCCI with a huge amount of money for the empowerment of junior cricket as well as women’s cricket.

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It has also paid the selected domestic players a huge amount of money that helped them to focus on their cricket careers. Due to the involvement of foreign players in IPL, there has increased a large scale of IPL following throughout the world.

Besides all these discussions, there were so many negative sides that have come to the public eye. Illegal gambling over the match output, controversies over match-fixing, spot-fixing have put a question over IPL’s future. This kind of biased means not only disappoints the viewers but also loses their faith. This kind of malpractices can put a bad image of Indian cricket society in front of the whole world.

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IPL has witnessed many young talented players emerging as upcoming stars in the Cricket World like Jasprit Bumrah, Rahul Tewatia, Md Siraj, Shubhman Gill, Ravi Bishnoi, Natrajan, it has also helped in the improvement of the Indian economy. Unlike all this, the malicious practices done involving this league have raised a serious question in the fairness of this game.

Moreover, the BCCI chairman has also been involved in these illegal activities. Due to all these unfair activities, IPL may lose its popularity and can leave a bad image of Indian Cricket in front of the world. Strict actions regarding all such activities must be taken otherwise it will be hard for IPL to sustain for years.