The Top 5 Football Clubs Dominating Merchandise Revenue and Sales
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Top 5 Football Clubs Dominating Merchandise Revenue and Sales. Dedicated football enthusiasts often nurture a strong aspiration to amass a collection of memorabilia for their beloved teams. These cherished relics, spanning from genuine jerseys to iconic scarves, symbolize unwavering loyalty and ardent support for the club. Furthermore, they offer a tangible avenue for fans to showcase their admiration for the players’ relentless commitment and diligence.

The act of collecting becomes a fount of pride, serving as both a source of honor and a method of prominently displaying allegiance to the team. This sparks fervent debates within the football community about which clubs boast the most fervent and dedicated fan base.

Top 5 Football Clubs Ranking as per their Merchandise Revenue and Sales

1. Manchester City

In this season, Manchester City has successfully sold 755,000 shirts. This impressive achievement resulted in a total sales revenue of £37.3 million across various channels, including Retail, Merchandise, Apparel, and product Licensing. As a result of this success, the team is now valued at approximately $4.99 billion and secured the 5th position on Forbes’ 2023 list of the most valuable soccer teams.

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Manchester City proudly retains its leading position in the Money League. The club set a new record for commercial revenue in the 2021/22 Premier League season by reaching €373 million—a significant growth of €65 million from the previous season.

Overall, Manchester City’s earnings have reached a substantial amount of 731 million Euros. Manchester City’s women’s team generated €5.1 million, ranking third in revenue.

2. Real Madrid

Real Madrid had an impressive financial performance in the 2021/22 season, earning €713 million in revenue till now. This made them one of the highest-earning soccer clubs globally, ranking second only to Manchester City. Real Madrid still struggles to regain their pre-pandemic revenue levels, facing a decline of €43 million compared to the 2018/19 period.

Commercial sales accounted for about 45% (€318 million) of their total revenue, with broadcasting payments making up another 43%. The club sells approximately 1.65 million merchandise items annually, placing them just behind Manchester City. Real Madrid’s sales figures demonstrate their popularity and iconic status in the world of football.

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3. Liverpool

In 2023, Liverpool FC’s value surged to €3.9 billion, a substantial 53% increase from the previous year. The club achieved record-breaking revenues of £594 million ($716.5 million) and secured a pre-tax profit of £7.5 million. Notably, Liverpool sold 2,450,000 shirts during this period.

Liverpool experienced an impressive climb in the revenue generation chart, moving up four positions from seventh to third place – their highest-ever ranking. It is particularly remarkable that they surpassed Manchester United for the first time due to their journey to the UEFA Champions League Final in 2022, which resulted in additional broadcast earnings.

Another significant accomplishment is Liverpool becoming one of only five clubs with matchday revenue exceeding €100 million. This achievement was a first for the club and was made possible by the return of fans to football stadiums.

4. Manchester United

For its fiscal year 2023, Man United anticipates revenue to land between £630 million and £640 million. As of August 8, 2023, Manchester United’s net worth stands at $3.86 billion. Impressively, the club has already sold 1,950,000 shirts. Manchester United’s women’s side generated €6 million in revenue, securing the second-highest position.

5. Paris Saint Germain

Recent reports from Brand Finance and Forbes confirm that Paris Saint-Germain’s value has crossed the USD 4 billion mark, firmly establishing its position among the top 10 most valuable football clubs worldwide in 2023. In the realm of football revenue, PSG claims the fifth rank, showcasing an annual income of €654 million according to Deloitte. Adding to their achievements, PSG has also effectively sold 1,180,000 shirts.