FIFA World Cup 2026

Updated: 13 August 2023

FIFA World Cup 2026: Hosts, Qualifiers Date, And Teams Qualified So Far. The 23rd edition of the prestigious men’s soccer championship, the 2026 FIFA World Cup, will be hosting an exceptional event. Three North American countries, namely Canada, Mexico, and the United States will co-host this World Cup from June to July 2026 at 16 cities.

The expansion of participants from 32 to 48 teams adds excitement to this edition. These teams will compete intensely as organizers group them into twelve groups of four. Enthusiastic fans can anticipate an even more thrilling soccer action, witnessing a total of 104 matches.

The 2026 World Cup will follow a traditional format, where it will be the top two teams in each group, alongside the eight best third-place finishers, will progress to the next stage. This format ensures that only the strongest teams advance, heightening the excitement of the tournament. With three nations co-hosting, this World Cup stands poised to make a lasting impact on soccer fans around the globe. It will showcase the talents of players from different countries, as they compete against one another, truly capturing the essence of celebrating soccer at its finest.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Important Dates

From June 11 to July 19 (tentative dates), the eagerly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2026 will engage fans worldwide. The tournament guarantees excitement as it features top teams competing in new locations. Hosting this global event stands to attract fans from all over the world, creating substantial economic advantages for both host nations and local communities. The fervor for this exhilarating football extravaganza is growing, and fans are eagerly anticipating the unfolding of action on the global stage.

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FIFA World Cup 2023 Qualified Teams

The World Cup is set to be an exciting event, with 48 teams participating – a significant increase from previous tournaments since 1998. The continental confederations have already determined their spots, adding to the anticipation surrounding the event. Football fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the continental qualifiers, which will start in the first half of 2023. The USA, Canada, and Mexico got direct qualification to the FIFA World Cup 2023 because they are host nations. The other 45 spots will be decided by the FIFA qualifier matches which are scheduled to be played from Sep 2023 to Mar 2026.

In this edition, the continental breakdown of direct spots and inter-confederation play-off places is as follows: 

Concacaf (North and Central America, plus the Caribbean) is allocated six direct spots and two play-off places

CAF (Africa) gets nine direct spots and one inter-confederation play-off place

CONMEBOL (South America) will have six direct spots and one play-off place

UEFA (Europe) enjoys 16 direct spots.

AFC (Asia) secures eight direct spots and one play-off place

OFC (Oceania) receives one direct spot and one play-off place

The 2026 FIFA World Cup will unite fans worldwide in a memorable celebration of football. Stay tuned for updates on teams and players as excitement builds for this significant event!