Darwin Nunez helped Uruguay with three goals against Mexico.
Image Source - Darwin Nunez - Twitter

Darwin Nunez, who has been facing a challenging season as Liverpool forward, created magic for the Uruguay against Mexico with a hat-trick three goals. Nunez, who failed to create magic for Liverpool FC against Crystal Palace in April, has been criticized time and again about his form.

However, the Uruguayan caught critics off guard with his energetic streak for Uruguay ahead of the 2024 Copa America. Seven minutes into the match, Nunez, 24, shot the ball into the back of the net, and then another just before half-time when he squared the ball into the net.

The third came in Facundo Pellistri, who also plays for La Liga club Granada, passed him an irresistible shot. And just like that Nunez silenced his critics at Liverpool who had been questioning his form. You can watch his foot work here:

Darwin Nunez Faces Criticism at Liverpool

About the criticism, Liverpool’s No. 9 says there will always be someone who will criticize you. He told a Uruguayan TV channel that he avoids reading comments on social media. Nunez shared that he used to go through the comments and it affected him. He believes those who say that negative comments do not affect them are lying. The Liverpool forward said one will always get affected as the comments are directed at them. But he added that he now ignores the negative comments because they are of no use to him.

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Nunez found himself at the receiving end for scoring only once in his last 11 games for Liverpool and missing on big scoring chances. Moreover, there were speculation that the Uruguayan was contemplating leaving the Reds as he had deleted all Liverpool-related posts from his Instagram account.

However, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp halted the rumor mills saying there was nothing to it. He said Nunez knows about expectations and he has big expectations on him. Klopp added that Nunez was a good footballer.

Uruguay Side Played Well Against Mexico

Marcelo Bielsa, Uruguay coach, says it would have been different if Mexico had scored in the first half. He believes its easier to play well when the gaps in the field are big. Jaime ‘Jimmy’ Lozano, Mexico manager, said they learned a lot from the match against Uruguay. He shared that the Uruguay team surpassed the Mexican side in counterattacks. He lauded the opponent for pressing hard and quickly recovering the ball.

It should be noted that this was a friendly match between Uruguay and Mexico in preparation for the 2024 Copa America which will commence on June 20 and run till July 14.