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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Politics In The Context Of Ramiz Raja Removal. Pakistan is known for activities beyond the cricket field which influences the decision-making aspect of the game. In a chain of events that followed after the clean sweep series loss of the Pakistan team against England on their own soil, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) president Ramiz Raja was sacked from his position. He was replaced by Najam Sethi.

This happened the next day after the Pakistan-England test series got over. Although the reason stated was the dismal performance of the team, in reality, the reasons go deeper.

Ramiz Raja’s Journey As PCB Chairman

Ramiz Raja was unanimously elected as the 36th PCB chairman on 13th September 2021. His term had to end in 2024. Raja, previously also served as the PCB CEO for a brief period in 2003-04, with Shahryar Khan as Chairman.

For a lot of cricket fans and experts, Ramiz Raja’s short stint might seem reasonably successful. Under his sublime leadership at the helm, Pakistan managed to host its biggest international tours of the past decade.

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Since the dreadful attack on the Sri Lankan team in 2009 in Lahore, teams, and players were hesitant to play in Pakistan. When England and New Zealand decided to cancel their tours to Pakistan in 2021 due to “security concerns”, it was the influence of Ramiz Raja, who convinced the Australians to visit in 2022, their first time in the country since 1998. The English and the Kiwis then followed suit.

Apart from bringing international cricket back to Pakistan, Ramiz Raja also hiked the salaries of 192 domestically contracted players along with the pensions of former cricketers immediately after his appointment, which earned him praise from some quarters. Overall, in the 1 year for which Ramiz Raja was the chairman, his stint was successful.

His Outspoken Persona Backfired

Ramiz Raja is a very outspoken person, who does not feel shy in putting his point on cricket and politics. But, his outspoken personality did not win many fans back home. His comment on the BCCI and Indian cricket made the fans become tired.

He was also seen arguing with the International reporters at ICC events, which made everyone feel as if this was an insult to the reputation of cricket as a general in Pakistan. His combative nature with the media houses was something that draw a poor image.

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The Tradition of Supremacy

Ever since Imran Khan’s departure as prime minister, Ramiz Raja’s exit was always on the cards. Every elected prime minister is an ex-officio patron of the PCB and has a huge influence on Pakistan cricket. Previously, we have observed that regime changes in the country have brought sudden changes to the cricket board.

Ramiz Raja along with his predecessor, Ehsan Mani were Imran Khan’s appointees. The Radical changes that took place during the terms of these two chairmen, reflected how Imran Khan’s vision to run cricket. With Imran Khan’s ouster, this vision has also become null.