Rolex Monte Carlo Masters Final Result 2024: Tsitsipas Beats Ruud
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Rolex Monte Carlo Masters Final Result 2024: Tsitsipas Beats Ruud. What an intense game for all the tennis fans! After unexpected semi-final results, Tsitsipas won the finals of Rolex Monte Carlo Masters 2024. Today in the final, we could see a lot of break points and heated serves. Stefanos Tsitsipas won against Casper Ruud in straight sets, 6-1, 6-4. He showed unbelievable and ruthless tennis today.

In the final match at Court Rainier III, Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece went up against Casper Ruud from Norway. Tsitsipas took control early and won decisively in straight sets, 6-1 and 6-4. Even though Ruud had a higher first serve percentage at 65% compared to Tsitsipas’s 48%, Tsitsipas shined, especially with his second serve, winning 70% of those points. He was also more effective during critical moments, converting 4 out of 8 break points, while Ruud couldn’t capitalize on any of his eight opportunities. Overall, Tsitsipas won a total of 71 points and 12 games, significantly outperforming Ruud, who secured 57 points and 5 games. This victory highlighted

Let us discuss about the two big sets of the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters Final 2024 –

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Rolex Monte Carlo Masters Final Result 2024: Set-by-Set Analysis

Let us check the turning points and the breakpoints of this match –

Set 1: Tsitsipas vs Ruud

Ruud won the toss and chose to serve. Both tried to maintain the points, scoring 1 game each initially. However, from the third game onwards, Tsitsipas didn’t allow Ruud to take any more games and dominated the whole set. Ruud was close to taking his service game, however, due to a lot of errors, Tsitsipas won the third game. Tsitsipas, despite having a shaky start in the fourth game, managed to keep his composure and win the game. Tsitsipas seemed to dominate from the baseline in the first set, just like yesterday’s match against Sinner in the Rolex Monte Carlo Semi-Final 2024. Tsitsipas looked quite confident today, winning back-to-back games in the first set. Ruud made a lot of forced errors trying to hit the ball harder than usual.

Tsitsipas dominated the first set, 6-1

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Set 2: Ruud vs Tsitsipas

Game 1 started with the service of Tsitsipas. He let the nerve take over in the first initial games, where he was making errors. He made quite a few faults and double faults in the first game after nearly a perfect set win. Ruud tried to make a comeback in the first game, leveraging on the errors of Stefanos but failed to convert it into a win. However, Ruud won the second game and made the score 1 all.

Despite taking the first point in the third game, Ruud was unable to capitalize on Stefanos’s errors. In this game, we could see great passing shots by Stefanos Tsitsipas. However, ambitious shots from Ruud forced him to make more errors. After 3 deuces, Tsitsipas won the game 2-1 with a volley. Ruud managed to take one more game, but Stefanos led 3-2. Ruud made it equal in the next game and made the score 3 all.

Tsitsipas won his service game after 6 deuce. Ruud tried hard to fight back at this point and won his service game straight within a few seconds. However, this didn’t make Tsitsipas slow down. He won his service set as well and made the score 5-4. The last game was very crucial, as the second set was going neck-to-neck. Ruud made a lot of errors in the last game, making 30-40 the deciding point of this match. Tsitsipas didn’t miss this chance and won the final set. The drawback for Ruud was his forehand. He tried to do too much with it making major errors in crucial time.

How Much Did Stefanos & Ruud Earn At Monte Carlo Masters 2024?

Stefanos Tsitsipas earned €919,075, which is approximately USD 1,000,000 or ₹81,000,000 INR. Casper Ruud, as the runner-up, earned €501,880, about USD 545,000 or ₹44,150,000 INR.

Stefanos Tsitsipas won against Casper Ruud today, marking his third victory in four years at the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters. For more such news, follow Sportsganga!