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FIFA Bans AIFF. One of the most shocking news today in the world of football was that FIFA has banned or suspended AIFF (All India Football Federation) which is the highest governing body of Football in India indefinitely on terms of a third-party interference.

In a detailed letter, FIFA has explained to AIFF the reason behind their decision, the implication and ways of lifting the suspension. It is a topic that can be hard for many to understand and thus we will be breaking everything down in this article. 

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Reasons of Suspension

Let me try to explain why FIFA suspended AIFF in simple terms. On May 18, the Supreme Court of India forced out AIFF’s former president Praful Patel from his post for not holding presidential elections which were due in December 2020. Instead, a three-member Committee of Administrators was made to look into the organization’s affairs for the time being. 

FIFA’s rules clearly state that the football federation of a member nation should be independent of any influence by any Political or judicial organization of the nation. This incident was thus put to notice of FIFA and they conducted a detailed analysis. 

It must be noted that FIFA did not ban AIFF immediately and they gave them time to rectify their mistakes. However, when even after months of delay and exchange between FIFA and the Indian Sports Ministry FIFA’s requirements were not met, and they have not finally suspended India with “immediate effect due to undue influence from third parties, which constitutes a serious violation of the FIFA Statutes”. 

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How Will The Ban Be lifted? 

It is being anticipated that it will take some time before FIFA’s imposed ban on AIFF can finally be lifted as AIFF must first rectify all their mistakes and come to a common ground with FIFA before a middle ground is even reached. 

Implications of the suspension 

The suspension of AIFF means that India can not take part in any International footballing events organized by FIFA for the time being. In fact, the 2022 Women’s World Cup which was going to be hosted by India will now be hosted by some other nation. This is a major blow for Indian football.