Davis Cup Final 2023: Draws, Schedule
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Davis Cup Final 2023: Draws, Schedule, Venue, Prizepool. While the world of professional tennis often focuses on the four Grand Slams, one major tournament seeks to unify tennis stars and represent national events in tennis. The Davis Cup, a high-stakes tournament, features countries where star players represent their nations and engage in intense competition. Four cities—Bologna, Manchester, Split, and Valencia—hosted the group stage of the 2023 Davis Cup Finals from September 12 to 17. The organizers have scheduled the 2023 Davis Cup Final 8 to occur in Malaga from November 21 to 26.

Davis Cup Final 8 Draw

Unveil the electrifying Davis Cup Final 8 Draw, revealing the thrilling matchups set to define tennis excellence.

Winner C vs. Runner-up B or DWinner C vs Runner-up B or D
Runner-up A or C vs. Winner DWinner A vs. Runner-up B or D
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Davis Cup Final 2023 Schedule, Broadcast Details, Venue & Prizepool

Davis Cup Final 2023 ScheduleNovember 21-26
Davis Cup Final 2023 VenueMalaga (Spain)
Davis Cup Winner 2023 Prize Money (Approximately)$2.1 Million or 153 million INR
Davis Cup Runnerup 2023 Prize Money (Approximately)$1.5 Million or 109.5 million INR
Davis Cup Final 2023 Broadcast DetailsSony Sports

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Davis Cup Final Format

During the 2023 Davis Cup Finals, organizers will divide teams into six groups. Each qualifying round will consist of three games: two singles matches and one doubles match, all using a best-of-three-sets format. Davis Cup 2023 quarterfinals are on November 21st-23rd. The top-performing team from each group and the two best-performing second-place teams will participate. The semi-final matches will take place on November 24th-25th, with the championship match occurring on Sunday, November 26th. In every match, a tiebreak at six games determines the final set; there is no longer an advantage set.

Teams Qualified For Davis Cup Final – Top 8

Explore the top 8 teams competing in the Davis Cup Final and gain insights into the formidable contenders striving for tennis supremacy on the global stage.

  • Great Britain
  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Serbia
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Netherlands