No Honking Series
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Updated: 16 September 2023

All You Need To Know About ‘No Honking Cricket Series’ 2023. Road Safety World Series (RSWS) presenting No Honking Cricket Series Season 2. The Road Safety World Series founders have always used unique tactics to raise public awareness about road safety. They are organizing Road Safety World Series (RSWS) since 2020, and this year they are also organizing the No Honking Cricket Series. The motto of this series is “To Reduce Noise Pollution, Honking and Road Accidents”.

No Honking series has previously been played once, but in 2023 it will include whole new forms with a lot of pomp and entertainment on an entirely new International level. The second No Honking Cricket Series season will probably begin in September at Subhash Chandra Stadium in Mira Bhayander, Mumbai.

This series has already been approved by the BCCI, and the Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation. MBMC is working with the organizers and the BCCI to make it a success and awareness. The first season took place in the Wankhede Stadium, however, due to World Cup 2023, Wankhede Stadium will be extremely busy, and the series will take place somewhere.

No Honking Series Season 2 Participants


Sri Lanka


This series’ inaugural season included solely Indian players. However, this time the organizers are expanding the series, and it will now be contested at the international level, with three subcontinental teams competing, as noted above.

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No Honking Series Players

This series will be played by Cricketing Legends. The No Honking Cricket Series, which has reached unprecedented heights this year, also takes an international approach. During the previous season, some legendary players shared the pitch with some uncapped Indian cricketers.

Cricketing legends participate in the Road Safety Series and the No Honking Series because cricketers are seen as celebrities in India, and people listen to and obey the advice of these legends. This year, legendary cricketers from 3 countries, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh will compete in the No Honking Series. This series will include legendary cricketers from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, as well as Indian luminaries.

No Honking Series Venue And Format

This year’s series will be held at the Subhash Chandra Stadium in Mira Bhayander, Mumbai. This series was previously hosted by Wankhede but has been moved owing to the World Cup 2023. Mira Bhayander Stadium, which has already held various local series, including the Lifestyle Series, has been awarded the hosting rights for the No Honking Series.

There will be no Honking Series in T20 format, as there was last year. However, last time only two teams competed, No Honking 11 and Road Safety 11, but this time three nations will compete, and the series will last 4 to 5 days and consist of 4 T20s.

Dates And Schedule

According to the sources No Honking Series will take place from 16-18 September.

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No Honking Series Opening Ceremony

According to sources, the British High Commission has issued a separate letter for visas of RSWS to be held in the UK with the British High Commissioner and US Ambassador remaining present to declare the league RSWS. This has been learned from sources of the English Cricket Board. It is learned that the no-honking series shall be broadcast in 50 nations…it remains stunning to pull out a series of such international standards at a venue at Meera Bhayander. Confidentiality has been maintained absolutely. The schedule of the series is still unknown. More information is likely to be followed in the next couple of days.