The Indian premier league (IPL) 14th edition is about to start from 9th of April. This time the tournament is slated to be held in India. The covid cases in India is witnessing a sudden rapid rise.

Seeing the threat this possess to IPL 2021, BCCI has announced 10 mandatory guidelines which is to be followed all teams during the course of the series.


1>The foreign players who would be coming to play the IPL from countries such as UK, Europe, Brazil, South Africa and the Middle East would have to undergo a mandatory 7-day quarantine. The cost of this has to be bear by the player himself.

2> The bio secure bubble which was initiated during the last IPL season will be mandatory this year also. In addition to the players, their family members as well as the team owners will also have to remain in the bio secure bubble throughout the tournament.

Only under exceptional circumstances, they would be allowed to move out of the bio secure bubble.

3>BCCI has told the team owners to book an entire hotel for their players, if not then the area has to be a sealed place where no one except the people of the bio secure bubble would be allowed to move.

4>The IPL committee has formed bio secure bubble integrity managers for this season. A total of 4 such managers have been appointed for each franchise. Their role is to supervise the players to follow the policies as laid down by the BCCI.

5>The balls which would be used in the match would be replaced the moment it is hit in the stands or outside the ground. This is done for the safety purpose. These balls would then be sanitized and would be kept in the stock for future purpose.

6> The Indian cricket team players who are currently part of the ODI series would be allowed to join their respective IPL team bubble without going for any extra quarantine. This is done in order to make the transition process from one bubble to another bubble very smooth.

7>RT-PCR test has been made mandatory for each player who joins the league coming from a different bubble. This will be done 3 times in a span of 7 days.

8> BCCI has made a provision for separate check-in facilities for all the players when they enter in the hotel. This will help them to be away from the normal guests if so any.

9> There is going to be a contactless IPL this season as far as BCCI top brass and the players are concerned. They would not be allowed to meet the BCCI officials and vice versa.

10> The Chennai stage government has made it mandatory for the IPL teams to issue local pass for the matches going to be held in the state. This is done in order to ensure that the movement of players and IPL stakeholders are a smooth one.

These were the 10 new rules for IPL 2021 which has been framed by BCCI keeping in mind the increasing threat of COVID in India.