Updated: 17 July 2022

Top 10 Richest Golfers In The World & Their Net Worth In 2021. Golf has been considered one of the most costly sports to participate in since its inception. Many golfers have amassed huge sums of money throughout their famous careers & so after. It is regarded as the world’s third most valuable sport. Great Tiger Woods has been the world’s No. 1 golf player for the most weeks in a row in golf history as well as the richest golfer in the world.

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The list of the richest golfers mentioned below has been compiled from various sources.

Here’s A List Of the 10 Richest Golfers In The World & Their Net Worth In 2021

NoPlayer Net WorthMT WinCountryPC
1Tiger Woods$800 millionPGA- 82, ET- 41
Masters- 5
2Phil Mickelson$400 million PGA- 45,ET- 11 , M- 3 USA1992- present
3Greg Norman$400 millionPGA- 20,ET- 14,M- 3 Australia1992-
4Jack Nicklaus$400 millionPGA- 73, ET-9, M- 6USA1961-
5Gary Player $250 millionPGA-24, ET-4,M-3South Africa1953-
6Rory Mcllroy$145 millionPGA-20,ET-14,M-1USA2007-present
7Fred Couples$125 millionPGA-15,ET-3,M-1USA1980-
8Jordan Spieth$115 millionPGA-12, ET-3,M-1USA2012- present
9Ernie Els $90 millionPGA-19,ET-28,M-2South Africa1989
10Vijay Singh$75 millionPGA-34, ET-13,M-1Fiji1982
source – Wikipedia.org, Forbes

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Note- MT – Major Tournaments, PC – Playing Career

PGA- Professional golf tours, played by men in America & North America

ET- Europen tour

M- masters tournament which is held every year in Georgia (USA) at the same location Augusta National Golf Club.