Richest Footballers of Manchester City - Salary & Net Worth
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Top 3 Richest Footballers of Manchester City – Salary & Net Worth. Manchester City is undoubtedly the most dominating team in the world. It has won 5 five premium league titles in the last six seasons thereby giving the current team legendary status. The 2022-23 season was a once-in-a-generation season as Manchester City completed a historic treble. It won the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup. 

A team having such momentous achievements will have high-caliber and skillful players in its lineup. Let’s see the top 3 richest football players of Manchester City in 2023. 

List of Top 3 Richest Football Players Of Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne 

On the top of the list is the Belgium midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne. His weekly salary amounts to $510,000 and his annual salary from Manchester City is an astounding $26.5 million. The total net worth of Kevin De Bruyne is close to $60 million. He joined Manchester City from Wolfsburg in 2015 and since then there has been a gigantic increase in his net worth and value. 

De Bruyne owns a luxurious mansion in Cheshire, Belgium with facilities like a large swimming pool, garden, private space, and 7 bedrooms. The sporting wear Nike, Orange, and EA Sports are some of the major brands with which De Bruyne is working. 

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Erling Haaland    

The Norwegian sensation Erling Haaland is second on the list. He joined Manchester City in 2022 and had a great season in which he found the back of the net 52 times. Haaland’s potent striking abilities helped play a key role in City securing the treble. In the 2023-24 season, his weekly wages at City stand at $47000. His annual paycheck at the club is $25 million.     

The total net worth of Haaland is close to $45 million. He is a proud owner of some of the most sought-after luxury cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe, and Range Rover Sport. Haaland endorses several global brands like Nike, Hyperrice, Samsung, etc   

Jack Grealish 

The English winger is third on the list of richest players for Manchester City. His strong dribbling skills and run-in-the-box are a nightmare for the defenders of the other teams. Grealish joined City from Aston Vill and immediately made his mark by taking full control of the midfield alongside Gundogan and De Bruyne. His weekly salary at City is $385000 and his annual payout is close to $20 million. 

Grealish owns one of the most expensive mansions in Manchester spread over an area of 20 acres. Some features include a private lake, helipad, tennis court, etc. The total net worth of Grealish is $30 million. He endorses high-profile brands like Gucci and Puma. According to some estimates his earnings from Gucci last year stood at close to $1.7 million