Arsenal vs Manchester United Head-To-Head Stats And Record

Arsenal Vs Manchester United Head To Head Stats. Having a rich history of intense rivalry, Manchester United and Arsenal are among England’s most accomplished football clubs. Since 1919, the same division in English football has often included both Arsenal and Manchester United. However, their rivalry did not become intense until the late 1990s and early 2000s when they regularly competed against each other for the Premier League title and FA Cup.

Arsenal Vs Manchester United Head To Head
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Let us see Arsenal Vs Manchester United head-to-head stats below –

Arsenal vs Manchester United Head To Head Stats & Records

Total Matches Played: 239

Total Matches Played In Premier League: 208

Number of Matches Manchester United Won: 85

Matches Arsenal Won: 74

Number of Matches Tied: 49

Goals by Manchester United: 314

Number of Goals by Arsenal: 291

Matches Played In FA Cup: 16

Number of Matches Played In UEFA Championship: 2

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Arsenal & Manchester United Rivalry Details

With a rich history of facing each other in numerous high-stakes football matches, it’s no surprise that these two teams have cultivated a deep-rooted rivalry. Widely beloved and accomplished in England, Manchester United and Arsenal represent the north-west and southern city of London respectively, which further fuels the intensity of their encounters. However, the true spark that ignited this rivalry can be traced back to two iconic managers who are revered as legends of the sport: Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger. Their clash on the touchline during several unforgettable battles left an indelible mark. Even though both managers have moved on from their respective roles, there lingers an unmistakable extra edge whenever these footballing powerhouses cross paths.

Just as football predates the Premier League, the rivalry between Manchester United and Arsenal goes back further than in 1992. These clubs had already played significant matches before the league’s formation. However, during a specific era of competition, their rivalry intensified with managers Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger at the helm. Their constant pursuit of success spurred each other on to remarkable achievements.

While the rivalry between Manchester United and Arsenal used to have fiery intensity. Even now matches involving the Gunners and Red Devils are always distinctly special.