Team India 2024 Schedule
Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli on ground - Team India 2024 Schedule and IPL 2024 window - (image source - @Twitter)

Updated: 05 January 2024

Get ready, cricket fans! The year 2024 is bringing a ton of cricketing action for Team India, and we’re here to spill the beans on what’s in store. From nail-biting Test matches to fast-paced T20 showdowns, the cricket calendar is jam-packed. And guess what? We’re also diving into the hype around the much-awaited Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2024. Let’s break it down in simple terms!

Unwrapping Team India’s Cricket 2024 Journey:

Thrilling Test Matches – India Takes on England and South Africa

In the beginning of 2024, Team India faces some tough challenges in Test cricket. There’s a super exciting 5-Test series against England and a big away Test against South Africa. Our Indian cricket stars are all set to shine on the field.

Home Ground T20 Fun – India vs. Afghanistan

On our home turf, get ready for some T20 excitement! We’re locking horns with Afghanistan in a thrilling T20 series. Expect fireworks and amazing cricket skills on display.

Global T20 Showdown – India’s T20 World Cup Quest in June

June is a crucial month as Team India aims for global glory in the T20 World Cup. We’re taking on the best teams worldwide, and our players are geared up to make us proud.

Trips Abroad – India Faces Sri Lanka in ODIs and T20Is

In July, we’re off to Sri Lanka for some ODI and T20 action. Our players will showcase their talent in different conditions, and we’re hoping for some fantastic performances.

Home Turf Battles – Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Australia Tests

Back home, it’s a cricket festival! We’ve got battles lined up against Bangladesh and New Zealand, and we’ll wrap up the year with a challenging Test series against Australia on their turf

Looking Forward to IPL 2024:

IPL 2024 - MS Dhoni
IPL 2024 – MS Dhoni

Countdown to IPL – Marking Dates and Franchise Excitement:

Amidst all this cricket madness, the IPL is a highlight! The dates are tentatively set from March 22 to the end of May. Teams are gearing up, and fans can’t wait for the thrilling IPL 2024.

Elections Impact – IPL Dates Might Shift

But wait, there’s a twist! The IPL dates might change a bit based on the General Elections in India. It’s a tricky balance, making sure both the elections and the IPL run smoothly.

So, fellow cricket lovers, buckle up for a roller-coaster of emotions in 2024. Team India is all set for a year full of cricketing drama, and the IPL is just the cherry on top. Let’s cheer for our team as they take on the world and create moments that will go down in Indian cricket history. Get ready for an unforgettable year of cricket madness!