US Open 2023 Women’s Singles Match Prediction & Statistics - Day 1 First Round
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US Open 2023 Women’s Singles Match Prediction & Statistics – Day 1. Fasten your seatbelts for the most happening slam of the year – the US Open started from August 28. The fans are waiting with bated breath to see their favorite female tennis players take the court. We bring to you all the latest information about first-round matches of women’s singles. Get the first-round match predictions here. 

Women’s First-Round Match Prediction and Statistics: Day 1 US Open 2023

Iga Swiatek VS R Peterson

Player’s Name Iga Swiatek R Peterson 
ATP Ranking 186
Country Poland Sweden 
Age 2228
Last Year’s US Open Record Champion Round 1 
Scoreline Prediction 6-1 6-0 (Swiatek)
Venue and Time Arthur Ashe Stadium, 5:30 am IST

Iga Swiatek is expected to win the match against Rebecca Peterson at the US Open. Swiatek, the reigning champion, and holder of a higher ATP ranking compared to Peterson, holds the advantage. Swiatek’s recent US Open performance has been impressive, while Peterson’s elimination in the first round last year suggests a challenging hurdle.

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Scoreline Prediction: 6-1, 6-0

Winner Prediction: Swiatek

Coco Gauff VS L Siegemund 

Player’s Name Coco GauffL Siegemund 
ATP Ranking 623
Country USA Germany 
Age 2035
Last Year’s US Open Record Quarter final Round 1 
Scoreline Prediction 6-1 6-4 (Gauff)
Venue and Time Arthur Ashe Stadium, 12:30 pm IST

Predicted Winner: Coco Gauff

Scoreline Prediction: Coco Gauff wins with a score of 6-1, 6-4.

Note: These predictions are based on the given data, including the players’ rankings, country, ages, and past performance at the US Open. However, please note that actual match outcomes can be influenced by various factors and may not always align with predictions.

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Victoria Azarenka VS F Fero

Player’s Name Victoria Azarenka F Ferro 
ATP Ranking 18190
Country Belarus France 
Age 3426
Last Year’s US Open Record Round 4Did not qualify 
Scoreline Prediction 6-4 6-2(Azarenka)
Venue and Time Louis Armstrong Stadium, 1:30 am IST

In the match between Victoria Azarenka and F Ferro, Victoria Azarenka, with an ATP ranking of 18 and having reached Round 4 in last year’s US Open, is predicted to secure a victory.
Scoreline Prediction: 6-4, 6-2

Winner Prediction: Victoria Azarenka

E Rybakina VS M Kostyuk

Player’s Name E Rybakina M Kostyuk 
ATP Ranking 427
Country Kazakhstan Ukraine 
Age 2421
Last Year’s US Open Record Round 1Round 2
Scoreline Prediction 6-1 6-4 (Rybakina)
Venue and Time Grandstand, 8.30 PM IST

In the upcoming match, E Rybakina and M Kostyuk will compete against each other. E Rybakina, holding an ATP ranking of 4 and aged 24, is expected to face M Kostyuk from Ukraine. Rybakina had a Round 1 exit in last year’s US Open, while Kostyuk managed to progress to Round 2.

Considering the information, the predicted scoreline favors E Rybakina.

Winner Prediction: E Rybakina

Predicted Scoreline: 6-1, 6-4

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P Kvitova VS C Bucsa

Player’s Name P Kvitova C Bucsa 
ATP Ranking 1163
Country Czech Republic Spain 
Age 3325
Last Year’s US Open Record Round 4 Round 2
Scoreline Prediction 6-1 6-1 (Kvitova)
Venue and Time Court 17, 8 PM IST

In the upcoming match, P Kvitova will be pitted against C Bucsa. P Kvitova, representing the Czech Republic, holds an ATP ranking of 11 and is 33 years old, while C Bucsa from Spain holds a ranking of 63 and is 25 years old. Notably, Kvitova reached Round 4 in the last year’s US Open, whereas Bucsa progressed to Round 2.

Scoreline Prediction: 6-1, 6-1 

Winner Prediction: P Kvitova

B Bencic VS K Rakhimova

Player’s Name B Bencic K Rakhimova  
ATP Ranking 1372
Country Switzerland Russia  
Age 2621
Last Year’s US Open Record Round 3Round 1 
Scoreline Prediction 6-3 6-2 (Bencic)
Venue and Time Court 7, 8 PM IST

In the upcoming match, B Bencic from Switzerland will face off against K Rakhimova from Russia. B Bencic, aged 26 and holding an ATP ranking of 13, will compete against K Rakhimova, aged 21 and ranked 72. Notably, Bencic reached Round 3 in last year’s US Open, while Rakhimova was eliminated in Round 1.

Predicted Scoreline: 6-3, 6-2

Predicted Winner: Bencic