Top 3 Highest Earning Football Players 2023 Through Brand Endorsements
Top 3 Highest Earning Football Players 2023 Through Brand Endorsements

Top 3 Highest Earning Football Players 2023 Through Brand Endorsements. Football is not just a game but an emotion for millions around the world, the number can be billions too. People around the world worship several football players whom they consider to be the best – the best of all time, the best of their favorite club, or the best of their nation. This leads to footballers having a humongous fan following worldwide making them bigger celebrities than Hollywood stars or singers.

But this fandom is not just numbers but a big opportunity for business for different brands and footballers. Some football players are so influential that brands are ready to pay them multiple million dollars for promotion.

From local national brands to multi-billion dollar international brands, everyone wants to collaborate with these footballers.

Who Are The Highest Earning Football Players 2023 Through Brand Endorsement?

While nearly all footballers are associated with brand deals some make the unexpected amounts. Let’s know the top 3 richest football players who earn the most from brand endorsements in 2023 –

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3. Neymar Jr

This name surely needs no introduction. The Brazilian hero who went from a slum area to becoming one of the highest-paid footballers ever. He is always in the news for his new trend-creating hairstyles and fashion ideas. He continues to earn the love of millions of people worldwide with his game skills on the ground and style statement off the ground.

But guess what, while his earnings from football can easily create a shock in your bones, Neymar jr earns 31 million US dollars every year just from brand endorsements. His fitness level has been a big barrier on his way to success in the football world but his popularity is unshakeable.

2. Lionel Messi

Some call him a magician while some call him an alien because all the skills that he performs with the ball are not humanly possible. From winning everything for his football club to winning the World Cup for his nation, he has made a complete journey. For millions of people around the world, he is an inspiration who gives them hope of not giving up because if that young kid from Argentina can be the world Champion you can do it too.

After all these things, every amount of money is small to get this man on board for the marketing of a brand. His annual earning from endorsements crosses the mark of 34 million US dollars making him the second in this race of earning money from brand deals.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

His name in the first position is not a new thing for football fans. He owns this position. Whichever clubs he plays or whichever tournament he plays in, he remains the best. If playing football is an art, then he is surely the Picasso of it. Millions of people worldwide worship him, the only dream they have is just to see this man playing in the field for once.

But his fanbase doesn’t only end with football lovers but his looks have won the hearts of uncountable females around the world. Several brands pay him millions of dollars to tap into his ginormous fanbase and that makes his total earnings from brand endorsements around 45 million US dollars per year.