Andy Murray wants to play one last time
Image Source: LTA - Twitter

It’s Coming To The End Of My Career – Andy Murray Wants To Play Singles At Wimbledon One Last Time. Though his chances of playing singles at Wimbledon are very slim following a spinal surgery on June 22, Andy Murray is set to play the first round of singles at the All England Club on July 2. But he will undergo medical tests on the first day of Wimbledon and play a practice set before making any final decision.

The two-time Wimbledon winner wants to feel that one last glory of playing at the oldest and the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world before hanging up his racket. He told reporters during a pre-tournament press conference on Sunday that he wants to play singles at Wimbledon one last time before he retires.

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Murray said he wants to give it every single chance that he can. He will play another set, and undergo some physical tests to see how far he is from the physical perspective. Then he will make a final decision – to play or not. The 3x Grand Slam champion said he played a set and it went well but highlighted that he doesn’t have 100 percent sort of feeling and sensation in his leg. Murray quickly added that he doesn’t have back pain.

Andy Murray Had A Cyst

He shared that his problem was a large cyst which was squashing and compressing his nerves, and removed in the surgery. The English player said he is getting better, but has a funny sensation like when falling asleep on the arm and waking up with a dead arm. Murray explained he had that sensation a lot longer owing to the cyst that squashed and damaged his nerve.

He said it’s impossible to say how long it will take for him to regain the full function of his limb as for some it takes a couple of weeks and for some it takes months.

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Andy Murray to Play Doubles with Jamie Murray at Wimbledon

Murray, 37, assured fans that he would be playing Gentlemen’s Doubles with his brother Jamie Murray at Wimbledon. He said the competition starts later in the week and he is also preparing for it with rehab and practice.

When questioned about his resolute determination to play as opposed to his physical health, Murray, 2x Olympic gold medalist, said he is looking for closure. He asserted that he just wants the opportunity to play one more time on Center Court, but he doesn’t feel that buzz.

Murray acknowledged that he is nearing the end of his career and wants to have the opportunity to play again. He understands the risks but pointed out that if he was worried about damaging his spine more, it would have been different. The tennis great said he is okay with a few stitches coming loose for whatever’s the worth to play one last Wimbledon.