Goals, Stats, And Overall Performance Of Cristiano Ronaldo In Al-Nassr Till Now

Goals, Stats, And Overall Performance Of Cristiano Ronaldo In Al-Nassr Till Now. Cristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the legendary football players in the football world. He is the captain of Al-Nassr and Portugal football team. The Portugal player started his career by playing for the sports club “Sporting CP.” 

Performance Of Cristiano Ronaldo In Al-Nassr Till Now
Image source: Twitter.com - @Cristiano

Playing for “Sporting CP” he honed his skills in football until he started his international career in 2001. He set a record for scoring more than 120 Goals in international after playing for Portugal. He is known as one of the best players from Portugal, he has five Ballon d’Or awards and thirty-two trophies in international club football.

Al-Nassr is a Saudi Arabian football club playing in the Saudi Pro Club. Before joining Al-Nassr, Ronaldo played for England-based team Manchester United. He returned to Manchester United in 2021 after leaving the team in 2009. Ronaldo left Manchester United in November 2022. According to Sources he left Manchester United to join the Saudi Arabia Football Club Al-Nassr, which turned out to be true. In December 2022 Ronaldo signed the deal with Al-Nassr for 2.5 years. 

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How Much Ronaldo Earned With Al-Nassr?

A lot of media outlets and sources speculated about Ronaldo getting more than $200 Million per year for playing with Al-Nassr. This might be true as it is very unlikely a star football player would play for an unknown team in Saudi Arabia.

The football league is also getting a lot of international attention and one of the reasons for it is Ronaldo. 

Ronaldo’s Career In Al-Nassr 

It’s been one year since he joined Al-Nassr and it’s not a good year for both Ronaldo and the team. Al-Nassr didn’t win any trophies and got eliminated early from the Champions League. Aside from bad performance, Ronaldo scored his 50th goal in a recent match with Al-Nassr.

Overall it was a very bad year for Ronaldo and the team. Still, there’s hope as Al-Nassr stands at number 2 in the Saudi Pro League. 

Al-Nassr Vs Inter Miami 

2024 might be a good year for both Ronaldo and Al-Nassr as the team will play against Messi’s Inter Miami in 2024. Hope fans will get to see an interesting match with the two football legends.

The team will play two official matches against each other in the 2024 Riyadh Season Cup. The first match between Inter Miami and Al-Nassr will happen on January 29, 2024, and the second match will happen on February 3, 2024. Mark your calendar to see the fights between two football legends.

Will Ronaldo play in the FIFA World Cup 2026?

Ronaldo has a lot of records in international football and club football, but he never won a FIFA World Cup for Portugal. Every fan wants his ideal to win the World Cup as it has more value than any other trophy.

He didn’t properly answer if he would play FIFA 26, but there is a high chance of him playing in FIFA 26 as he is active on Football Club Matches and performing very well.