Updated: 21 April 2022

 Importance Of 4k Technology In Sports  

The 4k technology enhances the viewer’s experience while watching any video or live streaming of any event. It does have a higher resolution than HD displays. A country like India has to convert to 4k streaming since it is the era of development for the entire globe, and India has progressed to a greater extent.

Many advancements have occurred in India over the last few years. We can see the advancement in the television sector with the emergence of Digital cable networks and ott apps.

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Why Do Indian Broadcasters Hesitate To Provide 4k Streaming Of Indian Sports? 

Costly To The Broadcasters

The 4k technology is costly to the broadcasters, so they are not reluctant to bear an unbearable expense for broadcasting sports to a Large Number of People. The setup requires a lot of investment, as the entire infrastructure needs to change.

It is one of the reasons while Indian broadcasters hesitate to switch to 4k in this price-sensitive market.

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The Indian Conservative Mindset

The Indian people always have the mentality of saving money and watching content in the usual standard definition. As a result, they even hesitate to switch to HD viewing. This is why the broadcasters also ignore the future when they feel they can manage the Indian audience with HD match feeds.

Why Should The Indian Broadcasters Switch To 4k?

Major Sports Events Across The Globe Being Aired In 4k 

Nowadays, various sports events worldwide are being aired at 4k steaming, Recently the LA Liga, Wimbledon, formua1 etc., were aired in 4K by the foreign sports networks.

The telecast of sports has even reached beyond 4k, with Japan set to provide the Olympic 2021 feed-in 8k technology. Indian sports broadcasters should also switch to 4k streaming to provide a better experience to their Viewers.

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Internet Broadband Connectivity Enhanced In The Last Two Years  

As the Internet broadband Connectivity in India has enhanced in the past two years, significant advancement can be seen in the internet and broadcasting sector. We can see the 4g advancement in India, and in upcoming years, the 5g technology is ready to come to India for a better internet experience.

Thus, one can enjoy the 4k streaming of sports in India. Therefore, the broadcasters should switch to the 4k streaming of sports events in India.

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Digital India Mission Needs To Be Implemented  

Our Prime Minister, Narinder Modi, began the Digital India Mission a few years ago throughout India as a whole. This mission has achieved success in a variety of disciplines, including education and other industries.

The broadcasters should switch to 4k streaming in the sports in India to take a step towards the Digital India Mission.  

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As per the advancement in India related to technology and broadband Internet penetration, it seems an appropriate time has come for Indian broadcasters to switch to 4k streaming of sports events in India for an excellent experience for its viewers.