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Batsmen Dominating The First 10 Overs With Most Sixes In ODIs. Cricket has undergone a major revolution since the advent of the limited-overs segment, especially the T20s. With the increased popularity of T20s and the mushrooming of T20 leagues across the globe, the significance of power-hitting has reached a different level. Today fans and coaches want to see more sixes from batters than before. Players who lack six-hitting skills slowly lose their place in the side. 

 In this article, we will discuss the players with the most sixes in ODI cricket in the first 10 overs. 

Players Dominating the First 10 Overs with Most Sixes in ODIs

Rohit Sharma (320) 

The Indian captain is at the top of the list. He is also the third-highest six-hitter in ODI history behind Chris Gayle and the leader Shahid Afridi. Since his promotion to the top of the order in 2013, Rohit Sharma has become a different player. The lazy elegance and the ease with which he hits sixes is a treat for fans and sometimes for the opponents. 

Usually, Rohit takes time to settle in his innings and is not over-aggressive at the start of the innings. However, he will not be shy to show his six-hitting prowess if it is in his arc. Rohit shown his destructive batting in the recently concluded ODI World Cup 2023.

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Chris Gayle (331 Sixes)

There can be no six-hitting list without the name of Chris Gayle in it. One of the most destructive limited-overs batsmen of his generation, Chris Gayle attacks right from the word go. The strength and might of Gayle are such that no boundary is bigger for him. He is capable of hitting sixes in all directions. He is a nightmare for spinners and captains usually avoid spinners when he is at the crease, especially in the powerplays. 

Adam Gilchrist 

The Australian wicketkeeping great is also on our list of most sixes in ODI in the first 10 overs. He and Hayden at the top of the order meant carnage for the opposition. Indian fans are well aware of Gilchrist’s big six-hitting capabilities which he showed nonchalantly at the 2003 World Cup finals. 

Brendon McCullum (200)

The former New Zealand captain and England test cricket teams coach known for his ultra-aggressive game in the powerplays also cuts. No matter the conditions or the opposition, he takes the game to the opposition right from the word go. He gained a lot of respect in the cricketing fraternity for his aggressive captaincy and batting in the powerplays at the 2015 World Cup. Coming out of the crease and smashing the ball over the bowler’s head is one of his iconic shots.