Lamar Jackson. Photo Credit- Derik Hamilton/AP

Updated: 18 December 2022

Three Dark-Horse NFL MVP Candidates For The 2022 Season. Sports lovers are analyzing each and every move of the teams in the NFL and their players and speculating as to who could be the most valuable player this season. With ten weeks completed, the predictions underwent a sea change and now all are talking about the dark horses who could be the most valuable player.

Let us see the odds for 3 players among the dark horses who could be in the race for the most valuable player. Till the start of this month, Josh Allen was in the race for the most valuable player and was a firm favorite but his failure to live up to the reputation, threw the race wide open.

Players like Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, and Tua Tagovailoa are setting the stage on fire with their performances. Currently, the top four favorites for the most valuable player are Mahomes (+120), Allen (+500), Tagovailoa (+500), and Hurts (+550).

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With still 8 Sundays for the regular 2022 season to go, we cannot leave anything for chance. Here are a few players who could be the dark horses for the most valuable player and who could give the top four players a run for their money.

1. Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens · QB
Current MVP odds: +1200

Lamar Jackson is currently in the form of his life. Into his fifth year as the pro, he means business. He is surprising all with his speed, explosiveness, and quickness, which the defenders are finding difficult to match. The above stats speak for themselves for Lamar Jackson. His ability as a dual-threat player could turn him into the most valuable player.

2. Justin Jefferson

Minnesota Vikings · WR
Current MVP odds: +8000

Currently, Justin Jefferson is ranked second only to Tyreek Hill who is leading the race. However, he played a game less and is at present with 1,060 receiving yards while Tyreek Hill has 1,148 yards.

If Jefferson goes by the current pace, he could end up with 2,002 yards and this enables him to break Calvin Johnson’s 1,964 yards record in a single season. Jefferson is known for his consistency in the past seasons and this will surely slot him in the race for the most valuable player.

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3. Saquon Barkley

New York Giants · RB
Current MVP odds: +20000

Saquon Barkley is reviving the honor for the Running backs lightning up with his performances. He is coming up with a one-man show in offenses and everyone knows that he is a multifaceted player. He has the toughness, grit, and explosiveness to make it count in tough matches and is in the race for the most valuable player.

His skills make him the most dynamic player in the NFL season. He with his relentless body blows is popular for pummeling his rivals and is renowned for his consistency.