ICC ODI World Cup 2027
Image Source: ICC

ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2027: Host, Schedule, Format, Qualification, and Everything You Need to Know. The 2027 ICC Cricket World Cup marks the 14th edition of this prestigious tournament, scheduled for October and November 2027. South Africa and Zimbabwe will co-host the event for the second time, replicating their partnership from the 2003 edition. Namibia will also host the event alongside them. Namibia, on the other hand, will debut as a host nation.

Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are brimming with excitement for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup, an event that manifests the pinnacle of cricketing excellence. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2027 promises to be an electrifying edition, filled with intense competition and unforgettable moments. Let’s delve into the comprehensive details, so you can mark your calendars for this eagerly anticipated cricket spectacle.

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ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2027 Schedule 

Although the ICC has not released the specific timetable for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2027, the tournament is anticipated to span several weeks, mirroring the format of the 2023 World Cup, and will occur in October and November.

The organizing committee will distribute the matches across various venues within the host countries, providing cricket fans with the opportunity to witness the excitement firsthand. The ICC will carefully organize the fixtures to ensure fairness, including sufficient rest periods for the participating teams.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 Format 

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in 2027 will feature a format with two groups, each consisting of seven teams. After the group stage, the top three teams from each group will progress to the Super Six stage, followed by the semi-finals and the final, drawing inspiration from the 2003 World Cup format.

In the initial round of the tournament, two groups of seven teams will compete against each other once. This format guarantees each team a minimum of six matches, adding to the excitement and providing all teams with a fair opportunity to display their skills.

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ICC ODI World Cup 2027 Qualification

Cricket competitions will determine the teams participating in the 2027 Cricket World Cup. A total of 32 countries will participate in the qualification process, and 14 teams will secure their spots in the World Cup. This includes the two host nations and the top 8 teams ranked according to the ICC men’s ODI team rankings.

The two teams ranked 11th and 12th secure direct qualification for the World Cup Qualifier. Meanwhile, the ICC divides the remaining 20 teams into two leagues: Cricket League 2, which comprises 8 teams, and the Challenge League, which includes 12 teams. Teams’ qualification for the World Cup Qualifier, their elimination from World Cup qualification, or their advancement to the World Cup Qualifier Play-off depends on their performance in these leagues, providing them with opportunities to qualify for the World Cup Qualifier.

The Qualifier Play-off also influences promotion and relegation between the two leagues. Teams’ placement in these leagues depends on their performance from the previous World Cup Qualification Cycle.