Saka Signs Arsenal Contract Extension
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Bukayo Saka Signs Arsenal Contract Extension until 2027. Arsenal has secured Bukayo Saka’s commitment until 2027 as he declares the club ideal for advancement. With an impressive season, scoring 14 goals and contributing 11 assists for the Gunners, Saka officially signed a new contract to solidify his dedication to Arsenal.

At 21 years old, he has made 178 appearances for the club and demonstrated his skills in every one of Arsenal’s Premier League matches over the last two seasons.

Saka’s old contract was ending in 2023-24. On May 21st, Arsenal, who came second, will play their final game of the season against Wolves. Manchester City won the Premier League title.

Reaction of Saka To This Contract 

Saka was thrilled to be at Arsenal and expressed his happiness. He believed the club was perfect for his development and emphasized his ambition to improve in every game. Saka appreciated the support of his family, teammates, and coaching staff. He confidently stated that he could achieve greatness with Arsenal and committed to staying with the club for the future.

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“I have seen a lot of change,” Saka commented, reflecting on the significant transformations he had observed. He emphasised that he had witnessed both the team and the club grow, instilling excitement in everyone involved. Saka highlighted the favourable aspect of time, specifically pointing out the youthful composition of many players in the team. He explained that their drive for success stemmed from the hunger to achieve trophies at Arsenal, as many of them had yet to experience such victories. Saka underlined their unwavering determination to accomplish remarkable feats, emphasising their collective aspiration to win. He further noted that their strong commitment to Arsenal was evident in both their words and actions, showcasing their ambition to thrive at the club.

Reaction Of Arsenal Manager

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, expressed his delight at Bukayo’s contrArteta highlighted the personal connection and stated that Bukayo is cherished by everyone in the club. This underscores his crucial role within the team.act extension, recognizing its significant impact on the club. Arteta emphasized the importance of keeping their top young talents to continue improving the team. He acknowledged Bukayo’s value as an asset now and in the future. He praised Bukayo for his exceptional abilities, describing him as a fantastic talent. Arteta also highlighted the personal connection, stating that Bukayo is cherished by everyone within the club, further underscoring his crucial role within the team.