Uruguay vs Colombia
Uruguay players confront aggressive Colombia fans, Image Credit: One Football - Twitter

The semi-final between Uruguay and Colombia ended on a bitter note after Uruguayan players led by Darwin Nunez brawled with fans at Bank of America Stadium following a 1-0 loss. The fight broke out after the referee blew the final whistle.

Colombian fans outnumbered Uruguay fans in the stands. But the Uruguay fans fought with the Colombia supporters. A video showing Nunez, who plays for Liverpool, punching a Colombian fan has gone viral.

But Uruguay captain Jose Gimenez defended his teammates saying they went into the stands to protect their families. He described the incident as a disaster. Gimenez said they had to get into the stands to take out their loved ones with small babies, some with newborns. He highlighted that there was no police officer around.

Uruguay coach Marcelo Bielsa said there was some argument in the midfield and he went to the locker room thinking they were thanking the fans for their support. He came to know later on what happened.

The police arrived on the scene after more than 10 minutes and restored ordere. Fans were requested to leave the stadium, but about 100 Uruguayan fans and members of the federation staff remained. Colombian fans went out to celebrate.

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CONMEBOL Copa America 2024 Condemns Incident

In an official statement, CONMEBOL the governing body of soccer in South America strongly condemned the incident. It highlighted that their work is based on the conviction that soccer connects and unites everyone through the sport’s positive values.

CONMEBOL said there is no place for intolerance and violence on and off the field. It urged fans and supporters to passionately cheer for their national teams and have an unforgettable party.

Colombia is set to face Argentina in the Copa America 2024 final on Sunday.