Spain won 1-0 against Italy.
Image Source: UEFA EURO 2024 - Twitter

Spain Qualifies For Round-16 Knockout Stage After Clinching Victory Against Italy In Group B UEFA EURO 2024. Spain has breezed through into the knockout stage for round-16 after an impressive win 1-0 against defending champion Italy in Group B. Spain shot into the lead after an own goal by Italy’s Riccardo Calafiori 55 minutes into the game. The match was dominated by Luis de la Fuente’s team.

Spain held Italy on the edge as it pressed on looking for opportunities to score with an excellent save by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, denying Ayoze Perez a goal. Spanish winger Nico Williams won player of the match. He left the Italian side on toes with his quality of pace and pose.

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Pedri, 21, was unstoppable. He dodged Italian players zipping and zapping the ball away from them, and Fabian Ruiz almost scored another goal for Spain.

Italy Angry With Performance Against Spain UEFA EURO 2024

After a poor performance, Italy is angry. Donnarumma said Italy couldn’t keep with Spain despite the opponents lack of passes. He managed to save Pedri’s header and then another from Williams, as Spain pressed on. Fans were surprised to see Italy struggling to stop a dominant Spain, and the pressure on Donnarumma.

In a after-match interview, the Italian goalkeeper said Italy missed too many easy passes and put in too little quality. He highlighted that Spain punished them for making so many mistakes. Donnarumma said Italy is angry, but will use this emotion for the last match.

In regards to the knockout stage, the Italian goalkeeper believes destiny is still in the team’s hands. He said Italy has a lot to do against Croatia, and the team can do it.

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Italy vs. Spain Was A Very Difficult UEFA EURO 2024 Match

Spain coach Luis de la Fuente applauded his team’s outstanding performance, saying his side is good as any at the UEFA EURO 2024 tournament. He acknowledged that Italy versus Spain was a very difficult competition.

De la Fuente said opponents get to know the team they are playing as they go along. He pointed out that it is very hard to win a competition like this. The Spanish coach believes there is no team better than Spain. He said the team just needs to keep working and playing as it has been doing. De la Fuente, 62, added that football is physical but has its fair share of technique and tactics.

He said Spain can improve a lot but will keep grounded as every match is difficult.